The solution includes a new sd-wan device with 5g integration to accelerate branch transformation and autonomous digital experience management (ADEM) and provide excellent user experience

On October 12, 2021, Beijing – Palo Alto networks (NYSE Code: panw), a global network security leader, recently announced the launch of prism ® SASE integrates PRISMA access and PRISMA sd-wan into integrated cloud services, and combines industry-leading network security and next-generation sd-wan solutions to ensure that enterprises maintain safety and productivity when working smoothly in branches, home offices and on the road. As a recognized SASE industry leader with nearly 2500 SASE customers, Palo Alto networks is continuously innovating for PRISMA SASE, including integrating 5g sd-wan, so as to accelerate the deployment of SASE in branches and ADEM and provide users with enhanced digital experience regardless of location.

According to the recently released report on the security status of hybrid employees in 2021, 61% of enterprises are difficult to provide the necessary remote security to realize the ability to work at home. This accelerates the critical need for SASE to improve the security, networking and productivity of hybrid employees.

Anand oswal, senior vice president of firewall platform products of Palo Alto networks, said: “Hybrid jobs will continue to exist, and enterprises need a solution that enables employees to safely access all employee applications in the enterprise network whether they are remote, on the road or in the office. Prism SASE is a large-scale distributed cloud service that provides the most complete SASE solution on the market, enabling enterprises to easily expand and protect their hybrid workforce while providing excellent user experience.”

PRISMA SASE will introduce the following new features:

  • The new bundled SKU makes it easier for customers to adopt SASE. PRISMA SASE integrates zero trust network access (ztna), cloud secure Web Gateway (SWG), cloud access security proxy (CASB), firewall as a service (fwaas) and sd-wan into one solution.
  • The new integrated 5g sd-wan device (ion 1200), as part of PRISMA SASE solution, provides 5g WAN connectivity for enterprise branch networks, including the ability to run active / active 5g WAN interfaces for carrier redundancy.
  • New cloudblades integration, including servicenow, Microsoft teams and zoom, to improve hybrid office networking capabilities. Cloudblades platform can help enterprises integrate various cloud services into prism SASE solution through API.
  • SASE, the only native independent digital experience management in the industry, launched a new digital experience for all users and branches on PRISMA sd-wan (previously launched for mobile users on PRISMA access in early 2021), while providing visibility into cloud infrastructure performance, application performance and user traffic monitoring.
  • The integrated cloud security web gateway has a redesigned configuration workflow, provides very simple and easy to define web security rules, as well as predefined recommendations and continuous evaluation to meet the needs of hybrid employees.

Bob Laliberte, senior analyst at ESG, said: “enterprises are actively deploying applications across data centers, public clouds and edge locations for employees in their homes, companies or remote locations. These highly distributed environments drive the demand for secure connectivity. In fact, ESG research found that the primary task of enterprise networks in 2021 is to ensure a tightly integrated network and security solution. Palo Alto networks” PRISMA SASE enables enterprises to meet this demand by providing tightly integrated and comprehensive secure access service edge solutions that combine security, network and digital experience management. The scheme includes the ability to utilize active active 5g wireless WAN with carrier redundancy in the new ion-1200 equipment, highlighting its role as an industry innovator. “

Leading rent before buy household products “Through prism sd-wan, we have been able to transform our retail stores, interact with our customers in a new way and provide a smooth online and in store shopping experience. We believe that the combination of prism sd-wan and prism access to provide SASE function can accelerate the digital transformation of enterprises like ours,” said Tommy meek, CIO of Aaron’s, an omnichannel provider of consumer electronics and so on

“At & T plays a key role in helping companies transform their network and security infrastructure through SASE. The PRISMA SASE released by Palo Alto networks is consistent with our strategy of connecting and protecting users on a large scale to promote edge innovation,” said rupesh chokshi, vice president of network security at & T

Leadership of Palo Alto networks SASE

Palo Alto networks in the Forrester new wave in the third quarter of 2021 ™: Zero trust network access (ztna) report and Gartner Wan edge infrastructure Magic Quadrant 2020 ®》 Named SASE leader in the report.


PRISMA SASE was launched globally on September 30 and ion 1200 will be launched globally on October 31. Swem, cloud and ADG capabilities are now available worldwide. PRISMA access and PRISMA sd-wan are still sold globally as independent products.

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