Overview and features: tmc5041 is an IC with integrated controller and driver produced by German Trinamic. It can drive and control two stepping motors independently at the same time. It is a powerful system on chip. It integrates a complex sixpoint slope generator in a micro 7mm x 7mm QFN package, as well as industry-leading diagnosis and protection functions. Also added steelthchop ™ Silent drive technology, spreadcycle ™ Anti jitter technology, coolstep ™ Current dynamic adjustment technology (energy saving 75%), dcstep ™ Torque regulation technology, and stallgard ™ Locked rotor detection function.

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In particular, it can well limit noise and prevent jitter in the following applications, such as applications near operators, applications using multiple stepping motors, video monitoring applications where equipment close to walls and ceilings can amplify noise, and consumer applications where users want the least noise, such as home automation and air conditioning.

Chip highlights:

Dual drive control integration (integrated two-way controller, pre driver and power MOS), simultaneously or separately drive and control two stepping motors; Ultra quiet, anti shake, no step loss, anti overshoot; Dynamic torque regulation, current control with load (energy saving 75%)

Product parameters:

 number of suitable shafts: 2

 motor type: 2-phase

 current: 1.1a

 working voltage: 5v~26v  maximum subdivision: 256

 control interface: SPI + s/d

 locked rotor detection: Yes

 current dynamic control: Yes

 anti shake function: Yes

 silent driving technology: Yes

 ramp generator: sixpoint ™, trapezoidal

 packaging: qfn48 (7×7)

Application fields of tmc5041 motor drive chip and drive IC:

Video monitoring and security

office automation

Antenna position control

Battery power unit

ATM, cash recovery equipment, POS

Laboratory automation

Liquid handling

medical care

Printers and scanners

Pumps and valves

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