Product overview

Ln4809 is a dual channel audio Headphone Power amplifier. Each channel can provide up to 105mW output power. Application circuit of ln4809

Simple, only a few peripheral devices are required; Stable operation, low power consumption, high gain bandwidth product, and internal thermal shutdown protection mechanism, convenient for application. Ln4809 is packaged with MSOP and SOP to save circuit area. It is very suitable for low-voltage and low-power applications such as mobile phones and various mobile devices.


Mobile phone

Earphone amplifier

Microphone preamplifier

MP3 player

Personal mobile terminal PDA

Personal navigation equipment

Portable audio device

Product features

Wide operating voltage range 2.0v-5.5v

High power supply voltage rejection ratio (PSRR) is up to 70dB at 217hz and 1kHz

Low leakage current in power down mode, typical value is 0.4 µ a

Good ability to suppress “crackling” sound during power on and power off

Noise + harmonic distortion (THD + n) <>

Noise and harmonic distortion (THD + n) <>

No bootstrap capacitor required

Unity gain stabilization

Small package, saving circuit area: MSOP, SOP




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