With the development of digital technology and computer technology, ar Augmented reality has gradually become one of the main directions of the next generation of human-computer interface technology. Ar Augmented reality is an advanced human-computer interface with the basic characteristics of interactivity and conception. Users can not only feel the “immersive” verisimilitude experienced in the objective physical world through the virtual reality system, but also break through the space, time and other objective restrictions, and feel the experience that they can not experience in the real world. Ar combines virtual images and text messages with real life scenes. Now many AR applications have appeared on smart phones, and the effect is amazing.

Ar Augmented Reality System Overview:

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Ar Augmented reality system is mainly composed of display technology, tracking and positioning technology, interface and visualization technology, calibration technology. Tracking and positioning technology and calibration technology jointly complete the detection of position and orientation, and report the data to the AR system, so as to realize the unification of the coordinates of the tracked object in the real world and the virtual world, and achieve the goal of seamless combination of the virtual object and the user environment. In order to generate accurate positioning, AR system needs a lot of calibration. The measured values include camera parameters, field of view, sensor offset, object positioning and deformation.

Ar Augmented Reality Applications:

Ar car search: when you park your car on the side of the road, you just need to take out your mobile phone and start ar car search software, which will automatically record your GPS information. Later, when you want to find a car, ar software will use cameras, GPS, compass and other sensors to guide you.


Ar navigation: AR navigation can guide users in real time. What users see is not a map, but a real-time view of the street in front and the navigation data superimposed on the top.


Ar virtual kicking: AR virtual kicking is when you point the screen at a clean floor, then a football will appear on the screen, and you can kick with your feet.


Ar virtual fitting: AR virtual changing only needs a computer with a camera and a certain space. The user will step back to 4-5 feet away from the camera and wave his hand, and the selected clothes will automatically put on your body.

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Ar Augmented Reality advantages:

1. The cost of AR technology is low. The simplest ar device only needs a mobile phone.

2. The R & D threshold of AR technology is low, and there is a platform on the network to provide users with the experience of creating AR technology.

3. AR technology is widely used in military, sales, entertainment, education, technology, media, tourism, medical and other eight fields, which are the development direction of ar Augmented reality.

4. AR technology has high commercial value. AR technology has cooperated with Coca Cola, Starbucks, IKEA and other businesses to make a series of interactive advertising and shorten the distance between consumers. AR technology will break the limitations of traditional advertising industry.


The application of ar Augmented reality brings us endless reverie in the future, and greatly improves people’s quality of life. It may not need physical products such as computers and mobile phones, and it can create a virtual world between every move, so that people can be completely immersed in it.

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