The 719Pro includes a full-featured loop calibrator that can source, simulate and measure mA signals and more, making it ideal for calibrating high-accuracy transmitters, pressure switches, and pressure gauges.

Maximize measurement flexibility with a large backlit screen that displays three parameters at a time:

● Pressure measurement via internal or external sensor

● Source/simulate/measure mA signal

● Measure temperature with optional RTD probe

Main features:

● Unique integrated electric pump for one-handed pressure calibration

● Easy-to-use switch test function makes it easy to test pressure switches

● Precision pressure fine-tuning knob for accurate and simple pressure calibration

● High accuracy and performance (0.025 %) ideal for calibrating transmitters

● 30 PSI, 150 PSI and 300 PSI pressure ranges

● Programmable pressure calibrator pump limits:

● Eliminate overvoltage

●Allows the user to program the target pressure value output by the electric pump

● Any 29 kinds of 750P pressure modules can be expanded, expanding the pressure measurement range

● Pump purge port reduces pump failure due to moisture and fluid damage

● The liquid trap included with the calibrator reduces the possibility of liquid damage in high risk applications

● Optional RTD probe for precise temperature measurement

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