Fluke's new 730G intelligent digital pressure calibrator has its own Hart communication function and is equipped with a pressure calibration pump to achieve efficient and accurate measurement and calibration of pressure gauges, pressure switches, and pressure transmitters; it is a metrology institute and enterprise The smart choice for setting up a stress lab.

● Quickly and intuitively complete HART adjustment, no complicated settings are required, and the operation is more intuitive. If the pressure verification fails, the HART adjustment can be performed directly without additional tools.

● 0.02% pressure measurement accuracy, 0.01% current measurement accuracy. Provide high-precision pressure and current measurement, meet the accuracy level requirements for establishing a pressure laboratory, and achieve accurate pressure calibration.

● Humanized design integration: high-end LCD display, Chinese operation interface, dual jack design, bring more convenient and quick operation experience.

● Use verification management software to realize paperless intelligent verification. Through the optional 730G/PCSW calibration management software, the calibration report can be automatically generated to realize the paperless management of the calibration results.

Main features:


● Pressure measurement range ± 10 inH2O/2.5kPa – 10000 psi/69Mpa

● Four absolute pressure ranges 15PSIA (103kPa), 30PSIA (207kPa), 100PSIA (690kPa), 300PSIA (2Mpa)

● Pressure measurement accuracy of 0.05% of full scale, optional accuracy of 0.02% of full scale

● Current measurement range: 0-24mA; Voltage measurement range: 0-30VDC

● 0.01% current and voltage measurement accuracy

● Powerful Hart communication function, support Hart7 version

● 24V loop power supply, no external power supply required

● Lithium battery usage time: 25 hours of continuous use (without 24V power supply) or 8 hours of continuous use (with 24V power supply)

● Can store 128 pieces of verification data

● IP protection grade: IP54

● Drop test: 1m drop protection

● Three-year warranty

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