On January 14, 2021, jieka robot, the world’s leading cooperative robot company, announced the completion of round C financing, with a financing amount of more than 300 million yuan. This round of financing is jointly led by CITIC Industrial Fund’s fund and China Investment Corporation, followed by the old stock dongfangguang capital, and Huaxing capital as the exclusive financial consultant of this round of financing. It is reported that this is the largest single financing in the global cooperative robot industry in recent years.


Changzhou production base of card saving robot

Intelligent manufacturing

Since the government proposed made in China 2025, intelligent manufacturing has become the mainstream development trend of domestic manufacturing industry. Especially after the outbreak of COVID-19, the superiority of manufacturing enterprises with highly automated production level is highlighted, leading to the resumption of production and production. In this process, the robot plays a significant role in the production unit.

With the upgrading of consumption structure, the demand of buyer’s market and consumers for personalization, customization and timeliness is increasing, and the flexible production and flexible manufacturing with “diversification, small scale and controllable cycle” are met, so the market demand is increasingly strong. The change of consumer demand is forcing manufacturers and service providers to change the traditional mode and gradually move towards the innovative road of consumer orientation. The flexible and rapid response supply chain is becoming one of the competitiveness of enterprises.

With its high flexibility, accuracy and safety, cooperative robots are more popular in precision assembly, product packaging, loading and unloading scenes. After less than a decade of development, China’s cooperative robot has been growing against the trend when the overall growth rate of industrial robot is slowing down, and has become a rising star in the industrial robot industry.

GGII data shows that in 2019, the global sales volume of cooperative robots will be 25500 units, with a market scale of 4.41 billion yuan; from 2014 to 2019, the annual compound growth rate of global cooperative robot sales will be 50%, and it is expected that by 2023, the global sales volume of cooperative robots will reach 80000 units, with a market scale of nearly 12 billion yuan.

By July 2019, more than 70 cooperative robot manufacturers have entered the Chinese market, and more than 100 in the world. Outstanding cooperative robot enterprises represented by jieka robot stand out in this round of spring tide.

Rapid development

Jieka robot was founded in Shanghai in 2014, focusing on innovative products and applications of cooperative robots. At present, jieka robot has set up a production base in Changzhou, Jiangsu Province and a branch in Shenzhen, Guangdong Province.

In just a few years, the card saving robot has experienced three rounds of financing:

In 2015, it obtained 15 million yuan of round a financing;

In 2018, it will obtain 60 million yuan of round a + financing;

In April 2019, jieka robot obtained RMB 100 million round B financing, which is the only enterprise in the field of cooperative robot to obtain RMB 100 million level financing in the first half of 2019, and also the enterprise with the highest single financing amount in this field.

Referring to the investment, the head of science and technology and industry team of CITIC Industrial Fund (CPE) said: “China’s advanced manufacturing industry is in a period of rapid development, while labor costs are rising rapidly and the number of industrial workers is sharply decreasing. It is an inevitable trend to use cooperative robots to supplement the shortage of human resources. As the leading enterprise of China’s cooperative robot, jieka’s products are widely used in 3C, automobile and other industries, and have entered the explosive growth stage. It is believed that with excellent team, rich technology accumulation and mature products of jieka, combined with CPE’s empowerment from strategy, management, operation, industrial resources and other aspects, it will achieve rapid development and become a global leader in the field of industrial automation and robotics. “

One of the leading investors, the intelligent manufacturing team of SDIC China Merchants, said: “SDIC China Merchants has been deeply engaged in the robot industry for a long time, and has rich investment layout in the upstream and downstream of the industrial chain. The team believes that the cooperative robot has a broad market space in the context of the transformation and upgrading of China’s manufacturing industry with its characteristics of safety, easy to use, flexible deployment and high flexibility. We can see its great development potential from the solid product technology accumulation of jieka robot and the high recognition of the industry’s leading customers. After this investment, jieka will promote its integration into the advanced manufacturing industry ecology we focus on, and help it grow into a leading enterprise of cooperative robots. “

“Customer recognition has always been the tireless pursuit of jieka. At present, jieka robot has launched multi-dimensional global cooperation with international head customers in key industries such as automobile and 3C. This round of financing will contribute to the rapid development of jieka robot in establishing and improving customer service network, product iteration and global layout.” Li Mingyang, CEO of jieka robot, said.

Product iteration

Through the breakthrough in a series of key technologies such as intelligent operation, environment perception and safety control, the card saving robot realizes the functions of drag and drop graphical programming, collision detection and safety protection. Up to now, the car saving robot has launched intelligent cooperative robots with loads of 3kg, 7kg, 12kg and 18kg respectively, covering jakazu series, jakazus series and all in one fusion series.


Energy saving cooperative robot

As a global cooperative robot head track enterprise, jieka robot has always insisted on keeping pace with the development and application of technology since its establishment. According to the introduction, the products and technologies of the card saving robot have been continuously upgraded and man-machine integration has been realized. This round of financing will help to achieve greater breakthroughs in card saving robot technology.

With the characteristics of safe cooperation, flexible and easy-to-use, remote interaction and so on, the car saving cooperative robot has good versatility and flexibility, which can be easily applied to the production of various industries and meet the needs of different production scenarios. At present, it has realized the landing application of 11 industries, such as 3C electronics, advanced manufacturing, auto parts, new energy, medical devices, etc., and obtained good feedback from customers.

The rapid development of card saving robot has also been recognized by authoritative institutions. In May 2020, card saving robot won the first prize of Shanghai Science and Technology Progress Award; in September 2020, card saving robot won the CIIF award.

In the future, “man machine integration” is the trend of the whole robot industry. The role of “human” is still the decision-maker of “qualitative” judgment, responsible for supervision, control and task arrangement; the role of machine is upgraded from “quantitative” calculation and reasoning to “imitation” judgment and decision-making, with the ability of imitation learning and fault tolerance. Therefore, the card saving robot will continuously realize product iteration according to the market demand, so as to speed up the construction of a more intelligent manufacturing factory.

Seize the market

The future of intelligent manufacturing is the integration of human and machine, and the construction of a closed-loop process from problem discovery, perception, data, algorithm and execution. Based on application scenarios, closed-loop process, batch replication and cluster intelligence, the car saving robot helps enterprises build excellent flexible production lines or systems that are compatible with people.


Energy saving cooperative robot helps enterprise intelligent manufacturing

With reliable performance and accurate industry solutions, the car saving robot has played the advantages of cooperative robot in many typical industries and scenes, and has been successfully applied in many industries such as automobile, electronics, advanced manufacturing, new energy, medical devices, etc. In the automotive industry, jieka robot has become a global cooperative robot supplier for Toyota, Honda, Volkswagen and other automotive giants; in 3C electronics industry, jieka has been introduced by leading enterprises in the global industry to help intelligent transformation and upgrading of small batch and multi product consumer electronics production. The high-quality products and services of jieka robot are recognized by customers, so it is evaluated as “the best practitioner of cooperative robot” by many international customers.

Through continuous deep cultivation, jieka robot has established a leading position in the cooperative robot industry, providing accurate cooperative robot landing solutions for end customers and integrators. In the future, the card saving robot will continue to increase investment in key markets and implement solutions. At the same time, the card saving robot builds a Jaka + platform, forms an open and inclusive, mutually beneficial and win-win cooperation mode, and creates a complete cooperative robot application ecosystem. At present, Jaka + has more than 100 partners.

Globalization process

As a leading enterprise of global cooperative robot, jieka robot is based in China and facing the world. Globalization is the only way for its development.

Jieka robot always takes “freeing hands with robots” as its mission, bases itself on China, faces the world, and helps enterprises enter the era of industry 4.0. This round of financing will also accelerate the globalization process of card saving robots. It is reported that the Japan technology research center of jieka robot has been officially put into operation; in the future, jieka robot will establish more branches in major countries and regions in the world to better serve the local market and important customers.


This round of financing of jieka robot will help the company optimize products and services more quickly, seize the market and expand globally. In the long run, jieka robot has great development potential and can be expected in the future.

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