It is reported that recently, omnivision and Fuhan microelectronics, the chip and solution provider of video surveillance products, jointly launched an automotive interior imaging solution for capturing and processing high-quality color (RGB) and infrared (IR) imaging. Whether in the day or night, equipped with a camera can get high-quality images inside the car.

The above-mentioned automotive interior imaging solutions combine the ov2778 2MP rgb-ir image sensor of Howell technology and fh8310 image signal processor (ISP) of Fuhan technology. These two devices are now on the market, and both of them provide aec-q100 grade 2 certification for automotive applications. The fh8310 carries hardware specially designed to process rgb-ir sensors. In combination with ov2778, it can provide the industry’s highest value and high sensitivity under various lighting conditions. At the same time, it can provide high-quality video for in cabin monitoring system (IMS) and visual applications. Visual applications include: face recognition, detection of objects and unattended children, remote monitoring, online car hailing and driving monitoring of driverless taxis.

Ov2778 image sensor is based on omnivision's 2.8um omnibsi-2 deep well pixel technology

Based on omnivision’s 2.8um omnibsi-2 deep well pixel technology, the ov2778 image sensor can provide 16 bit linear output through a single exposure, with the best in class low light sensitivity. Fh8310 ISP has a high-performance 3D denoising module, which can achieve excellent low light performance.

Fh8310 ISP also supports lens distortion correction. In addition, it accepts Bayer and rgb-ir 4×4 mode inputs from the 2mpov2778 sensor. Ov2778 sensor integrates rgb-ir, 4×4 pattern color filter and external frame synchronization function, which can achieve top color imaging performance under different lighting conditions.

This combined solution takes up less space and consumes less power, enabling designers to create as small a camera module as possible so that it can be distributed throughout the interior of the vehicle. Ov2778 image sensor adopts the smallest package in the automotive market (6.5mm x 5.7mm automotive CSP package), and provides advanced ASIL functional safety. Fh8310 ISP is packaged in 7mm x 7mm qfn56.

About omnivision

Founded in 1995, omnivision is a world leader in the development of advanced digital imaging systems and solutions. Omnivision develops and provides advanced CMOS image sensors and solutions (face and iris recognition and authentication, obstacle avoidance, gesture control, a large number of image applications using eye tracking) for industrial, consumer and automotive markets.

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