Preface: I’m xiaotai. Xiaotai can test thousands of electronic devices a year, but she still has time to take a walk. How did he do it? Ethernet intelligent identification of identity information, fast through security; With the help of USB2.0 express, you can arrive at the terminal in time, buy a cup of coffee and just wait for boarding; DDR3 flight can shorten the journey time by one third and reach the destination faster; During the voyage, tiny turbulence was detected in real time. With the help of electronic equipment, the flight posture was adjusted in time, and xiaotai was not affected at all; Take the new noise reduction earphone to enjoy music and travel safely and comfortably; After getting off the plane, the mobile phone calls to tell us that the smart car is in place. Spectrum view software restores the invisible waveform to the original signal, so that the call is clear and smooth, and the car can be picked up smoothly; The intelligent driverless car makes the journey to the scenic spot easier. It starts with one button and displays the real-time road conditions on the cool big screen. It’s easy and in a good mood all the way; As a science and technology trendsetter, photo clock is indispensable. The smart phone designed with Mipi bus function can restore all kinds of beautiful scenery, which is worth a circle of friends; To ensure that the necessary electronic equipment is always on-line during the journey, stable power supply support is essential. These nine travel scenes can be easily tested by xiaotai.

Who is xiaotai? Xiaotai is a Tektronix mso6b oscilloscope with a bandwidth of 10G, a sampling rate of 50g and eight channels. It helps engineers complete their tasks in time and travel at will【 Oscillograph travel guide | how can engineers start a walk on the go This paper is the third “easy driving without mistakes”.

To ensure that the necessary electronic equipment is always online, stable power support is essential!

To provide a reliable power supply environment for your circuit, in electronic circuit, the power supply is equivalent to the heart of active devices, providing energy to the components continuously. The quality of power supply directly affects the performance of components. The design, manufacture and quality control of the power supply require precise electronic instruments and equipment to simulate the actual working characteristics of the power supply (i.e. various specifications), and can only be put into use after passing the verification. Clean power supply is the premise of stable operation of digital circuit. The ripple and noise of power supply will affect the quality of power supply.

With the high density of chip design and the increase of unit computing power, the chip design with high power consumption, high current, high speed and small size puts forward higher requirements for the stability of power supply voltage, dependence of low impedance power supply path and power noise margin. Power integrity (PI) and signal integrity (SI) affect each other. The signal quality is not good, the probability power is not good, the power quality is not good, and the signal quality is certainly not good.

Tektronix mso6b oscilloscope pays special attention to the design of low-noise power supply. It makes a lot of analysis on power supply signal including spectrum analysis, and makes a detailed frequency domain analysis on different stray signals. Then it tries to solve these problems and provide a reliable power supply environment for the circuit.

Ensure the performance and compliance of the new generation of automotive Ethernet, making the journey to scenic spots easier!

The concept of automotive Ethernet is an Ethernet physical layer standard designed for automotive networking applications, such as advanced security functions, comfort and infotainment functions. This technology reduces networking costs and cable weight, while increasing signal bandwidth. In order to achieve higher signal bandwidth, automotive Ethernet adopts full duplex communication link on twisted pair cable, supporting simultaneous transceiver function and pam3 signaling. To realize full duplex communication with pam3 may make it very complicated to check the vehicle Ethernet service and signal integrity test.

Engineers often face the following test problems in the development and design of automotive electronic circuits including automotive Ethernet

·How to test and analyze the signal quality of automobile Ethernet

·How to analyze automobile Ethernet data transmission

·How to analyze and debug various automotive bus electronic circuit systems including automotive Ethernet

Tektronix oscilloscopes help automotive networking applications such as advanced security, comfort and infotainment. Compared with the directional coupler signal method, the signal separation solution can view the real signal more accurately, simplify the component level and system level test settings, shorten the test time, and meet the test needs of the whole life cycle of the vehicle.

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