Preface: I’m xiaotai. Xiaotai can test thousands of electronic devices a year, but she still has time to take a walk. How did he do it? Ethernet intelligent identification of identity information, fast through security; With the help of USB2.0 express, you can arrive at the terminal in time, buy a cup of coffee and just wait for boarding; DDR3 flight can shorten the journey time by one third and reach the destination faster; During the voyage, tiny turbulence was detected in real time. With the help of electronic equipment, the flight posture was adjusted in time, and xiaotai was not affected at all; Take the new noise reduction earphone to enjoy music and travel safely and comfortably; After getting off the plane, the mobile phone calls to tell us that the smart car is in place. Spectrum view software restores the invisible waveform to the original signal, so that the call is clear and smooth, and the car can be picked up smoothly; The intelligent driverless car makes the journey to the scenic spot easier. It starts with one button and displays the real-time road conditions on the cool big screen. It’s easy and in a good mood all the way; As a science and technology trendsetter, photo clock is indispensable. The smart phone designed with Mipi bus function can restore all kinds of beautiful scenery, which is worth a circle of friends; To ensure that the necessary electronic equipment is always on-line during the journey, stable power supply support is essential. These nine travel scenes can be easily tested by xiaotai.

Who is xiaotai? Xiaotai is a Tektronix mso6b oscilloscope with a bandwidth of 10G, a sampling rate of 50g and eight channels. It helps engineers complete their tasks in time and travel at will【 Oscillograph travel guide | how can engineers start a walk on the go This paper is the second one of the three elements of comfortable travel.

Easily find and diagnose jitter caused by power integrity problems


Tektronix oscilloscope can help you easily find and diagnose the jitter caused by power integrity problems. 6 Series B MSO mixed signal oscilloscopes have not only user programmable clock recovery mode, but also many standard clock recovery modes.

Signal integrity analysis focuses on BER performance of transmitter, reference clock, channel and receiver. Power integrity analysis focuses on the ability of PDN to provide constant voltage power supply track and low impedance circuit. There is a wide correlation between signal integrity and power integrity. PDN may cause noise and jitter. Circuit design and various components, such as chip package, pin, track, path, connector, will affect the impedance of PDN, and then affect the power quality.

Whether we pass the template test or not, if the signal integrity is still problematic, we need to perform jitter analysis. Divide the jitter into different components and sub components, as shown in the figure below.

pIYBAGB-MsiAH1Q_ AAEgzzoN7cM038.png

The figure below shows the jitter summary measurement, including bathtub diagram, eye diagram, tie spectrum and histogram, jitter measurement results and waveform.

pIYBAGB-MySADwm_ AAVBax8wq-4748.png

Uncover the fog of noise and find the real signal


Wear the new noise reduction earphone, enjoy the music, and enjoy the safe and comfortable travel. Let the oscilloscope only display the input signal, and do not mix other signals, we need the oscilloscope to more purely characterize the signal. One of the key features of 6B series MSO is not only low-noise design, but also low-noise performance at high resolution and bandwidth up to 10GHz. Ultra low noise, you can see the signal details you have never seen before.

  • The front-end ASIC chip tek061 of oscilloscope achieves ultra-low background noise.
  • 12 bit resolution at 5 GHz and up to 16 bit resolution at 200 MHz
  • Noise at 1 mV / div and 1 GHz µ V
  • Noise at 50 mV / div and 10 GHz 1.25 MV

Oscilloscope probe is an indispensable part in the process of using the oscilloscope. It is mainly used as a link to carry the signal transmission. It can transmit the signal to be measured to the oscilloscope completely and reliably for further measurement and analysis. The combination of oscilloscope and probe forms a complete signal measurement link. If we only pay attention to the oscilloscope and ignore the choice of probe, the signal before entering the oscilloscope has been distorted, and the data measured by the perfect oscilloscope will be wrong. Similarly, if only focus on the probe and ignore the choice of oscilloscope, then the fidelity signal will also be affected by the noise of oscilloscope itself, so both are equally important.

As we all know, the analog front end of oscilloscope, including attenuation circuit, buffer circuit and amplifier circuit, will introduce noise. This is also an important source of background noise of oscilloscope. Generally, the design of analog front end is regarded as an important index to evaluate the performance of oscilloscope noise. Tektronix’s mso6 uses a newly designed front-end amplifier tek061, which achieves very good noise performance in a small volt / grid setting. Therefore, the combination of low noise oscilloscope can ensure the excellent characteristics of power rail probe.

The figure below shows the ripple test results of 3.3V power rail when mso6 series oscilloscope is connected with tpr1000 power rail probe and tpp1000 common passive probe respectively. The results are shown in the figure below. The test results of power rail probe are more than 50% more accurate than that of common probe.


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