As the conventional components of network terminal equipment, it can be said that as long as there is a network, there is a network transformer.

In the past two years, with the government promoting the deployment of 5g to achieve business, edge computing and Internet of things, the upgrading of network technology has become inevitable. As the two most basic and important application terminals of network transformer, the demand of router and set-top box is unprecedented, and the speed of updating is amazing. It is understood that from the second half of last year to now, the demand for network transformers on the market has increased nearly five times, and the supply of major manufacturers is tight and continues to be saturated.


Especially in the context of the popularity of covid-19, with the rapid growth of networking equipment and traffic data, in addition to the network router, network set-top box, intelligent TV, automobile communication and other markets, the terminals used by network transformers have been extremely extensive, including Ethernet switches, high-performance digital exchanges, ISDN, ADSL, VDSL digital equipment, Poe power receiving equipment, integrated service digital equipment, EOC terminals, etc Network camera, SDH / atmdh / ATM, PC motherboard, network server, telecom communication base station smallcell, filter optical fiber loop equipment, smart home, access control equipment, LED controller motherboard and other equipment requiring network communication. Network transformer is everywhere, but the demand continues to soar. It is obvious that the conventional network transformer and traditional network transformer can not meet the upgrading and innovation of these application terminals, You may be curious: why can Taiqing separate network transformer become the first choice of the design scheme in the industry?

01、Taiqingke separated network transformer scheme

02、Comparison of taiqingke network transformer with other products

Through comparison, it can be seen that the separated network transformer has gradually become the first choice of new design, and has the ability of continuous price reduction.


03、Comparison of technical support capability


04、Specialization of separated network transformer

Taiqingke has complete test equipment, including IEEE keysight, IEEE Tek & LeCroy, multi port, RFC2544, EMI chamber, EMS surge, ems-esd, etc. At present, the competitors of other brands, whether they are products or promotion materials, obviously copy from Taiqing, so it can be judged that the products and technology are still immature.

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Problem analysis of common mode 90 ohm stack 0806

It can be seen from the comparison that his brand stacked 0806 common mode 90 ohm scheme can not pass the IEEE test. In terms of emi-re test, the resistance value of stacked 0806 common mode scheme is generally only 90 ohm, which has almost no suppression effect on Ethernet network noise, while the common mode resistance value of taiqingke winding 2012 is 800 ohm, which has strong suppression ability for Ethernet network noise.

pYYBAGDVhMeAKejVAAV_ HAajwL4292.png

05、Patent right of Taiqing separated network transformer


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To sum up, taiqingke’s separated network transformer has more absolute advantages than other competitors and traditional transformers in all aspects. Especially, if the scheme of winding 2012 common mode 800 ohm is changed to laminated 0806 common mode 90 ohm, it will not pass the test standard in IEEE and emi-re.

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