-Oribo’s new smart home aiotmixpad series products are based on silicon labsZigBee Wireless Technology-

Shenzhen, China – December 11, 2020 – silicon labs, a leading supplier of chips, software and solutions to build a smarter and more connected world, and ovibo, a supplier of aiot smart home devices, systems and solutions, announced that they are working together, and ovibo uses silicon labs’s ZigBee wireless technology to develop smart home A new series of smart home devices has been launched. Oribo mixpad products, including the latest mixpad X series, have successively adopted silicon Labs’ ZigBee efr32mg21 system on chip (SOC) solution to reliably connect smart home panels and switches with many applications, including lighting equipment, curtains, HVAC systems and home security equipment.

“Orebo is expanding its product portfolio to make the smart home experience more convenient, comfortable and safe, and silicon labs is proud that its wireless technology can play a key role in it,” said Matt Saunders, vice president of IOT product marketing at silicon labs. “Silicon Labs’ industry-leading ZigBee wireless solutions can help business partners bring their innovative smart home products to the market by simplifying development and accelerating product time to market. Orebo is a good example of this.”

For its mixpad intelligent panel, switch and controller series products, orebo has selected ZigBee SOC from silicon labs. The seamless integration of orebo’s powerful system hardware and silicon Labs’ high-performance, low-power ZigBee wireless solutions can support many different functions of smart home devices and applications. Mixpad is the central control of orebo smart home system, which aims to provide convenient operation, so as to make the home life experience more natural and comfortable. Mixpad panel is very intuitive for users, providing touch screen, voice and application control methods, allowing people to install a user interface at home to control all smart home systems.

“Orebo has been exploring the cutting-edge aiot technology. Silicon Labs’ valuable insight into the smart home industry and world-class Internet of things platform are important assets for us, which help us to describe the future development path, and then create a better and direct smart home life experience for our customers.” Wang Xionghui, founder, chairman and CEO of euribo, said. “We are pleased to launch modern mixpad smart home products using silicon labs wireless technology and look forward to seeing them widely used in the Asia Pacific market and other regions.”

The latest series of products of euribo mixpadx was officially launched on November 19.

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