Recently, Obi Zhongguang, an industry-leading 3D visual perception overall technology solution provider, announced its entry into the Horizon Hobot Platform. The two parties jointly launched a 3D vision application solution suitable for service robots and sweeping robots. At present, the high-performance binocular structured light camera Dabai Pro and the miniaturized 3D area array iToF module FC200 developed by Orbi Zhongguang have been connected to the Horizon X3, which will help users independently develop robot perception, obstacle avoidance, navigation, etc. Function.

Orbi Zhongguang is one of the few companies in the market that can provide 3D visual perception products with core independent intellectual property rights. It independently develops a series of depth engine digital chips and a variety of special photosensitive analog chips, providing customers with solutions from the bottom chip, algorithm to the upper layer. Full-stack technology for solutions.

Orbi Zhongguang Dabai Pro depth image output resolution is 640*[email protected], with millimeter-level detection accuracy, working distance is 0.3m-3m, effective depth field angle is H 67.9°, V 45.3°, can provide a complete Depth and point cloud information. The average power consumption of Dabai Pro is less than 1.5W, and it is equipped with a standard USB data interface. The in-depth quality in different environments is stable, safe and reliable. It has achieved mass production on different types of service robots.

In addition to the development of high-performance binocular cameras, Orbi Zhongguang also independently developed and launched the miniaturized and low-cost 3D area array iToF sensor FC200 module, providing 3D technology including fully self-developed iToF sensor and depth algorithm SDK for the development of sweeping robots. Vision system solutions.

In June this year, Horizon released the robot development platform (Horizon Hobot Platform), which provides developers with a dedicated development board that is more suitable for robot development – Rising Sun X3 Pai and robot development software stack TogetherROS, including communication middleware and robot reference algorithms A number of services, including robot application examples and supporting development tools, have been widely recognized by developers and attract more and more partners to join.

The cooperation with Obi Zhongguang not only greatly expands the richness of Horizon Rising Sun X3 accessories, but also helps the Horizon robot development platform continue to empower robot developers, improve robot development efficiency, and build an open and win-win cooperation model . For a long time, Horizon has adhered to the cooperation tenet of open technology, efficient support, joint development, and flexible service, and has established an open and win-win cooperative relationship with partners and developers to drive new business value. In the field of general-purpose robotics, Horizon focuses on “chip + algorithm + tool chain” to create an underlying computing platform and development ecosystem for the future robot era. With an open and win-win cooperation model, it helps industry partners and accelerates the mass production of intelligent robots. .

Reviewing editor: Tang Zihong

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