Orange Business Services helps Getinge improve its business agility and better serve the health industry with its flexible sd-wan solutions.

  • Sd-wan meets the network requirements of growing distributed teams
  • High speed Internet accelerates the digital transformation of enterprises

Getinge, the world’s leading provider of medical technology products and systems, chose orange business services to deploy software defined wide area network (sd-wan). The solution provides the Swedish based multinational with network performance guarantee, network security improvement and cloud priority strategy.

Orange’s flexible sd-wan solution connects more than 100 global sites of Getinge, simplifying the management and operation of enterprise infrastructure. In addition, the network provides flexibility, scalability, and end-to-end visibility, greatly improving the user and customer experience.

Affected by the global epidemic, Getinge adjusted some production and support modes related to advanced ventilators and related equipment. Flexible sd-wan solutions can help enterprises better cope with the rapid changes of the market and fully support their growing distributed teams. Meanwhile, orange also helps Getinge improve the security of the cloud and Internet.

Sd-wan: a necessary tool for implementing cloud priority strategy

Cloud priority strategy will have an impact on the network. The flexible sd-wan solution can provide secure cloud access, enabling network traffic to flow from the nearest connection point to the Internet. The orange sd-wan solution provides Getinge with secure, efficient, fully automated end-to-end network choreography from end users to cloud applications, while being cost-effective.

Ludovic Batal, chief information officer of Getinge, said: “orange business services’s flexible sd-wan solution helps us build a resilient, secure cloud based infrastructure that enables us to meet changing business challenges in a rapidly changing market. In view of the rapid changes in network traffic patterns, we need a future oriented solution, so that we can efficiently meet the medical equipment needs of the health industry during and after the epidemic. “

Fabrice de Windt, senior vice president of orange business services Europe, said: “Getinge is relying on sd-wan infrastructure to promote the digital transformation of enterprises. We are very happy that Getinge has chosen orange as its partner in this exciting digital journey. We will help Getinge to successfully transfer its business operations to the cloud. We are committed to providing efficient, flexible and secure network services for Getinge, which is also the top priority of this transformation. “

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