December 22, 2021 – mouser electronics, an electronic component distributor focusing on introducing new products and promoting industrial innovation, announced that it had held an online seminar with silicon labs on the theme of “8-bit bb5x 5V microcontroller specially customized by silicon labs”. Technical experts from silicon labs shared the innovative 8-bit microcontroller, Help engineers understand the superior performance of related products in detail and help them quickly apply to new product design.

Ms. Tian Jiping, vice president of market and business development in Asia Pacific region of MAOZe electronics, said: “As a computer integrated on a chip, microcontroller has a very wide range of industrial applications. Whether it is common daily equipment such as oven, printer and smart meter, or complex large equipment such as aircraft, spacecraft and robot, microcontroller plays a key role. For electronic engineers, choosing microcontroller with low power consumption technology can help It optimizes the electronic system and improves the overall performance of the product. This time, tradeze electronics specially invited technical experts from silicon labs to share 8-bit microcontroller products and applications. It is hoped that the majority of engineers can further master the characteristics and operation of the products through active participation, so as to better apply in the design and realize rapid development. “

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