WLAN RF front-end power amplifier plays an important role in WLAN technology. It is one of the necessary equipment for transmitter. In today’s society, with the rapid development of technology, obtaining information anytime and anywhere has become the demand and requirement of more and more people. The development of WLAN undoubtedly provides convenience for people in public places and other places without network cable. As one of the core equipment of WLAN application, WLAN RF front-end power amplifier will also be widely used. In addition, RF front-end power amplifier can be applied not only to WLAN, but also to GSM, GPS, satellite communication, radar system and other systems working in RF frequency band.

Optimization design of small signal circuit in RF front end

The optimization of stability factor can add a new stable network. In order to achieve unconditional stability in a certain frequency range, the stability factor K of the amplifier must be greater than 1. In order to improve the stability, a simple circuit with a 50 ohm resistance and a quarter wave long and short line in series is connected to the input of the single ended amplifier. The network greatly improves the stability of power amplifier and solves the stability problem caused by high transconductance of power FET.

      Two things must be done before optimization: ① considering the actual situation, it is necessary to add a certain microstrip line between lumped elements, because in practice, the elements must be connected through microstrip line. ② Enable the optimization function for each parameter to be optimized.

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