On September 10, it was reported that on today’s release of oppo reno2, the oppo wireless noise reduction headset enco Q1 was also unveiled, with a price of 599 yuan. It will be sold online and offline on September 12.

The oppo wireless noise reduction headset enco Q1 is available in three colors: polar night black, sunshine orange and star silver. Fast technology has got the polar night black version. Here’s a picture for you.

Oppo wireless noise reduction earphone adopts neck hanging design, TPU material integrated molding design, the internal use of nickel titanium alloy material, when used with shape, when put away can bend at will. The weight of the whole machine is only 42g, and you don’t have to worry about sweating if you add a skin friendly coating.

It has ANC dual active noise reduction technology, and a single earphone has two noise reduction microphones with feedforward and feedback. Oppo acoustic team and Institute of acoustics of Chinese Academy of Sciences jointly carry out in-depth tuning for common noise scenes of users.

At the same time, it is equipped with 11.8mm composite diaphragm high-resolution large moving coil unit, with bass shock and exquisite voice. It also supports AAC high-quality audio and provides 22 hours of super long music endurance.

OpCo wireless noise reduction headset enco Q1 also provides special sound effect optimization: the immersion stereo sound effects of music, movie and game scenes are adjusted respectively.

Oppoencoq1 headset HD Atlas

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