According to survey data, more than 300 million people in China have sleep disorders, and the incidence of insomnia among adults is nearly 40%. Most of the 40% of adults with insomnia are office workers. In fact, many office workers think that they have very little personal time after get off work. Even if it is late at night, they are reluctant to put down their mobile phones and go to bed. Playing with mobile phones is easy to excite people, and over time, it is easy to fall into the dilemma of difficulty falling asleep.

In order to help users improve sleep conditions and get rid of the difficulty of falling asleep, many smart product manufacturers have been cultivating in the field of sleep functions. Today’s smart wearable products are equipped with complete sleep monitoring functions, such as the OPPO Watch 2 launched by OPPO, which not only acts as a smart watch, but also becomes a sleep guard for users, protecting the sleep health of office workers.

According to medical research, as long as the optic nerve cells are stimulated by blue light for 8 minutes, the body will continue to be excited for more than 1 hour, which leads to problems such as delay in falling asleep and difficulty in falling asleep. In response to this problem, OPPO Watch 2 has launched a “bedtime reminder function”. After setting, the watch will remind users to go to bed at a fixed time. At the same time, the OPPO mobile phone is linked to open the sleep mode of gray tone, by reducing the color of the mobile phone, reducing blue light stimulation, and alleviating the problem of difficulty for users to fall asleep.

In addition, studies have shown that soothing music can reduce sympathetic nerve activity, thereby relaxing muscles, reducing anxiety, slowing heartbeat and breathing rate, and having a good sleep aid effect. OPPO has built-in sleep aid music on the health APP that connects the OPPO Watch 2 to the mobile phone, including natural white noise, piano music for sleep aid, and light music. The dual blessing of “bedtime reminder function before bedtime” and sleep aid music is the first guard wall for OPPO Watch 2 to protect the sleep health of office workers.

After entering the sleep state, OPPO Watch 2 will perform a full range of sleep monitoring, such as sleep quality monitoring, heart rate monitoring, and snoring risk assessment functions. OPPO Watch 2 will monitor whether users have breathing and snoring problems by analyzing heart rate variability, blood oxygen saturation, breathing conditions combined with snoring sounds recorded by mobile phones, helping users to understand their sleep conditions in time and avoid danger during sleep. The perfect sleep monitoring system is the second guard wall for OPPO Watch 2 to protect the sleep health of office workers.

Previously, the “Sleep White Paper” report mentioned that only 10% of people who exercised suffer from insomnia. Exercise for half an hour every day is good for falling asleep and sleep quality. The OPPO Watch 2 has also carefully prepared the function of “assistance exercise”. When the exercise time set by the user is reached, the watch will automatically remind. For those who need to relax before going to bed, OPPO Watch 2 has a “sleep aid and relaxation” option in the “5-minute easy fitness” function. After a simple physical relaxation exercise, it will be easier to fall asleep.

On the whole, OPPO Watch 2 has built two protective walls to protect users’ sleep. In addition to meticulous care for the sleep health of office workers, it can also help them relieve the pressure caused by daytime work.

At present, 618 is approaching, and OPPO Jingdong’s self-operated official flagship store has opened pre-sale. The 42mm Bluetooth version starts from 899 yuan, the 42mm eSIM version starts from 999 yuan, and also supports 24 interest-free periods. You can get a watch strap when you buy it. If you are also an office worker who has difficulty falling asleep , might as well try this OPPO Watch 2 smart watch.

Reviewing Editor: Fu Ganjiang

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