Oppo watch will be officially released on March 6.

On March 3, oppo Health announced more detailed parameters of oppo watch on the official micro blog.

It is reported that oppo called the screen “flagship hyperboloid flexible screen”. The screen size of the watch is 1.91 inches, and the color gamut reaches 100% dci-p3,

The pixel density of oppo watch is 326ppi, which is up to the standard of retina.

Oppo watch announced more details with 100% dci-p3 gamut

Based on previous news, oppo watch confirmed that it will carry ESIM independent communication function and support China Unicom, China Mobile and China Telecom at the same time. Among them, OPPO Watch has been queried in the official account of Unicom eSIM smart wearable device.

Oppo watch is equipped with hyperboloid screen design, and the middle frame of the fuselage is treated with bright surface. Whether it’s a crownless design or a hyperbolic screen, it’s full of technology, and it looks very light.

Previously, the well-known digital blogger “@ digital chat station” disclosed that oppo watch will adopt Android system, which is expected to be more difficult to develop and adapt, but the adoption of Android system can greatly increase the playability of the watch. It is worth looking forward to the final effect of oppo’s first smart watch system.

Nowadays, the hyperboloid screen has basically become a standard configuration on the flagship smartphone, which can greatly improve the overall appearance and visual experience of the screen. Of course, it will also bring challenges to the user experience, internal space layout and design, and put forward higher requirements for the processing technology, especially if it is used on a watch with a small size.

Obviously, oppo smart watch is bound to need higher technology, higher R & D and processing costs. Therefore, the industry has speculated that the price of oppo smart watch will never be low, and may be in the 3000 yuan range or even higher.

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