• Zero power consumption communication terminal has the characteristics of no battery, small size, ultra-low power consumption and ultra-low cost, which can effectively reduce the maintenance cost and pollution harm of micro electronic products.
  • Standing at the beginning of the definition of next-generation communication technology, oppo hopes to work with more industrial partners to promote the convenience, benefits and sustainability of communication technology

January 20, 2022, Shenzhen – in the near future, IOT devices will be able to obtain energy directly through Bluetooth, WiFi and mobile phone signals, so as to achieve the use effect of smaller volume, longer service life and lower cost. The anti loss electronic tag used to track the location of items will not need to replace the battery. Every endangered migratory bird can carry ultra remote monitoring equipment, and the number of batteries that cannot be degraded environmentally will be greatly reduced. This is the picture depicted in the white paper of oppo zero power communication.

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Zero power consumption communication terminals exist in the form of electronic labels, which are pasted on small items that are easy to be lost, such as keys and glasses, so as to facilitate the rapid search of items

Oppo Research Institute officially released the white paper “zero power communication”. Based on the unmet communication needs of the Internet of things, it explained in detail the technical positioning and development prospect of zero power communication technology for the first time, and gave directions for its coexistence and integration with future communication networks, further promoting the popularization and implementation of “zero power communication technology”.

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Zero power consumption terminal has the characteristics of battery free, small size, ultra-low power consumption, very low cost and so on

At present, most electronic devices rely on batteries for energy supply, and there are many problems in the overall size, manufacturing cost, service life, ease of use, recycling and so on. Zero power communication can collect and utilize the RF energy in the environment, and bring battery free, small size, ultra-low power consumption, very low cost and other characteristics to the zero power terminal. It can not only reduce costs and increase efficiency for vertical fields such as intelligent storage, intelligent logistics and intelligent agriculture, but also bring cutting-edge technology experiences such as wearable devices and smart home to more users.

Tang Hai, chief 5g scientist of oppo, said: “from 1g to 4G, it has gone through four technological changes of analog, digital, data and broadband. The pursuit of higher transmission data rate is the” constant “theme of mobile communication technology. But facing the next decade, the whole industry needs to rethink what will be the new demand and driving force? Oppo believes that in addition to pursuing higher data transmission rate, the next generation communication technology should also focus on how to make more people enjoy the convenience of technology and create positive and more sustainable development value for the society. Zero power communication technology can help micro electronic products on the market get rid of batteries and greatly reduce the maintenance cost and pollution hazards of terminals. It is one of the core technical solutions that oppo pays attention to in the b5g / 6G phase. “

At present, the passive communication technology represented by radio frequency identification (RFID) technology has some problems, such as short communication distance, high cost and the need for additional RF sources. It still faces great challenges in special applications such as industrial Internet in harsh environment, low-cost and high-capacity logistics and storage scenario, low-cost and low-power smart home and very small-size wearable.

Different from traditional passive communication technology, zero power consumption terminal can collect RF energy from wireless signals sent by existing environmental RF sources (such as TV Tower, FM tower, cellular base station and WiFi access point), and realize backscattering communication by modulating incoming wave signals. Therefore, when designing a zero power communication network, we need to consider not only the unauthorized frequency band and authorized frequency band, but also the coexistence with 4G / 5G system.

According to different deployment scenarios and use requirements, the white paper formulates the system combination based on cell, side line communication and the mixture of cell and side line communication for zero power communication. Among them, the cellular based zero power communication system is suitable for industrial Internet of things scenarios with harsh environment, huge quantity and high maintenance cost, reducing manpower and equipment investment; The lateral communication between terminals meets the requirements of low-cost and short-distance communication, and realizes the functions of intelligent reading, environmental monitoring, intelligent control and so on in smart home and wearable scenes; In addition, the two systems can also be flexibly combined to create communication conditions for more application scenarios.

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Zero power communication is mainly based on RF energy acquisition technology, backscatter technology and low-power computing technology.

At present, oppo has successfully built a zero power communication system and completed the principle verification of zero power communication technology. In addition to the technology self-study, oppo, as the main standard promoter, took the lead in putting forward the research project proposal of zero power communication in the international standards organization 3GPP, and successively expounded the assumption of zero power communication technology in future forum, ICCC and other academic conferences, so as to contribute to the ecology of the communication industry. At the imt-2030 “6G vision” seminar, which ended in September 2021, oppo launched and organized a zero power communication theme forum, inviting school and enterprise organizations to jointly discuss the application scenarios, technical requirements and key technologies of zero power communication. In the 6G era, oppo believes that zero power communication will be combined with smart hypersurface, symbiotic communication, non orthogonal multiple access (noma), artificial intelligence and other hot technologies to give full play to the full potential of the system.

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Oppo issued two white papers for continuous exploration in the field of communication technology

The release of the white papers “6G AI cube intelligent network” and “zero power communication” confirms oppo’s continuous exploration and efforts in the field of communication technology. In the future, we will promote the implementation of zero power communication technology in 3-5 years, realize a more intelligent, convenient and green communication experience, and practice the brand belief of “science and technology for people and the world”.

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