On December 26, oppo officially held the Reno 3 series press conference.

As previously predicted, oppo Reno 3 is an extremely lightweight product.

Shen Yiren, vice president of oppo, said that in 2016, the thickness of mainstream flagship models was 7.3mm and the weight was 150g, but by 2019, these two figures will become 8.5mm and 190g.

Overweight mobile phones make consumers complain endlessly, and even add many titles of “x half catty”.

Shen Yiren said that mature industrial designers make the portable lighter and thinner.

Therefore, oppo Reno 3 series made every effort in technology. The overall thickness of the front camera was reduced by 0.35mm, the overall weight of the front camera was reduced by about 95%, the thickness of the flexible screen was reduced by 0.3mm, and the weight of the flexible screen was reduced by about 10g.

On this basis, oppo Reno 3 series has achieved a fuselage thickness of 7.7mm (19% thinner than the previous generation) and a fuselage weight of 171g (9.5% lighter than the previous generation). Shen Yiren said that oppo Reno 3 series is the lightest and thinnest 5g mobile phone listed in 2019.

Moreover, oppo did not achieve this feat by reducing the screen size. The screen size of oppo Reno 3 Pro is 6.5 inches, accounting for 92.1%.

At present, the press conference is in progress, and we will continue to report.

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