In 2018, oppo officially launched the findx flagship mobile phone, which brought a very amazing design. For the first time, it adopted a lift type design to completely hide the forward and backward photos, which set off a wave of heated discussions in the scientific and technological circles at that time.

But unfortunately, oppofindx series did not continue this amazing design, and returned to the normal mobile phone design on findx2 model, which made many fans feel very sorry.

However, oppo did not give up the innovative design of fuselage structure.

According to relevant media reports, oppo is developing a special camera solution and has applied for a patent.

The design drawing shows that the pop-up front camera design of polarizing refraction prism will be adopted in this scheme, which can make the height of the pop-up camera lower. Through the prism at the top, the light will be refracted into the lens placed upward, so as to provide a comprehensive screen experience.

It is worth mentioning that oppo’s new refraction prism can also transfer the direction of the light path, change the light refraction path through the mechanical structure, and realize the free switching effect of the front and back photography through the turnover of the prism, so that the front and back photography can share one camera sensor.

Oppo pop up double sided prism camera design patent

Oppo’s new patent enables the camera to share one sensor

Oppo will also use this technology to copy the appearance design of findx, so that there are no holes in the front and back of the machine, the visual effect is extremely shocking, and it has a certain practicality.

In addition, the oppo patent also brings some new changes to the shooting experience. The prism of the patented display camera module can also reflect light through the side. Both the left and right cameras can take side images. Users only need to rotate 180 when taking panoramic photos ˚ You get a 360 ° A panoramic picture of the city.

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