On February 22, 2022, Shenzhen, China – oppo announced that oppo find X5 series will be equipped with oppo Hasu mobile phone imaging system for the first time, and will use new customized high-permeability glass lens and natural color sensor to bring oppo Hasu natural image experience while the find series presents Hasu legend.

In order to truly bring Hasu’s natural image experience to mobile devices, the find X5 series upgraded the resin lens of the main camera to a new high-permeability glass lens, significantly reducing color deviation and glare, and bringing more accurate color image performance; Meanwhile, the find X5 series is also equipped with a natural color sensor, which is perfectly integrated with oppo’s self-developed 3A algorithm, greatly improving the image color accuracy and restoring the real environmental light source information. Through the new combination of optical glass lens and natural color sensor, find X5 series brings users a real oppo hassu natural image experience.

The find X5 series is first equipped with oppo | Hasu mobile phone image system, which fully integrates the cutting-edge technology of Hasu optical camera into the image system of find X5 pro. With the powerful image capability brought by the self-developed image dedicated NPU Mariana marisilicon x, the mobile image technology and Hasu color are perfectly integrated.

Oppo find X5 series will be released worldwide at 19:00 on February 24, 2022. It will bring the flagship image experience to users through a new breakthrough in color.


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