With the diversification and fragmentation of users’ charging scenarios, Wireless Flash charging technology is becoming more and more necessary for smart phones. Oppo’s technical team has made continuous in-depth research and has brought a charging experience comparable to that of wired vooc flash charging. In April of this year, oppo ACE2 officially produced 40W airvooc Wireless Flash charging technology, realizing 5 minutes of charging and 1 hour of black on, improving the wireless charging efficiency. And this time! The arrival of 65W airvooc refreshes the speed of Wireless Flash charging technology again. For the equivalent 4000mAh battery, the energy can be charged to 25% in 5 minutes and fully charged in 30 minutes.

65W airvooc Wireless Flash charging adopts a vertical design. The front side is an integrated hot bending glass with a volume of 13.7cm * 8.27cm * 11.69cm. It is also the first application of this technology in consumer electronic products, which is both aesthetic and practical.

Oppo 65W airvooc Wireless Flash charging: beat wired charging and refresh flash charging speed

Multiple protection, fast and safe charging

Exclusive isolated charge pump

65W airvooc Wireless Flash charging technology not only ensures high efficiency, but also makes it safer. It continues oppo’s exclusive isolated charge pump technology, and uses ceramic capacitors to effectively block the potential DC path. Even if the fragile semiconductor device is abnormal, the voltage and current with great harm can’t directly reach the battery, so as to ensure that the “safety device” of the battery cell will not go wrong. Compared with the previous commercial version, the 65W airvooc Wireless Flash charging isolated charge pump supports the conversion of higher power, while effectively blocking the risk of high-voltage battery breakdown.

Dual wireless charging engine architecture

Consistent with 40W airvooc, the efficiency of 65W airvooc from transmitting to receiving is 88%. And on the basis of 40W airvooc Wireless Flash charging technology, 65W airvooc Wireless Flash charging adds a set of power channels. The dual wireless charging engine architecture of dual transmit (TX) control module, dual transmit (TX) coil, dual receive (Rx) control module and dual receive (TX) coil is adopted to greatly improve the wireless charging power. Oppo is also verifying the 65W single coil solution synchronously, which means that parallel double coil is not the only way to charge high-power wireless.

Charging is not hot

65W Airvooc Wireless Flash charging also has very good heat control performance. The maximum temperature of charging will not exceed 40 ℃, because it introduces automatic semiconductor heat dissipation scheme. The heat on the back of the mobile phone is firstly introduced into the interior by the glass panel of the wireless base, and then transferred to the air duct area by the TEC semiconductor cooler under the coil, and then blown out of the wireless base by the fan, with strong heat dissipation performance 。

Compatible with Qi wireless charging standard

What is the Qi standard? This is a global standard with wide applicability and compatibility. Qi provides a simple, convenient and flexible mechanism to ensure compatibility and interoperability between different brands certified by Qi and charging devices and mobile devices of manufacturers. 65W airvooc Wireless Flash charging not only supports the airvooc protocol developed by oppo, but also is compatible with the wireless charging Qi standard launched by wireless charging alliance, supports the current mainstream wireless charging products, and has passed the qi-epp10w certification.

Inherit the essence of vooc direct charging architecture

Airvooc inherits the essence of direct charging architecture. It can adjust the transmission voltage and power through wireless charging board, and directly change the voltage of wireless charging coil of mobile phone. With the wireless charging board for constant voltage and constant current direct charging, the energy received by the wireless charging coil of the mobile phone does not need to be adjusted by the constant voltage and constant current unit, and the vooc isolated charge pump technology is integrated, so that the power can finally be charged into the battery more efficiently and safely.


In the 5g era, users are eager for more diversified charging methods and more convenient charging in a more free way in fragmented time. High speed charging, reduce heating and ensure safety. The arrival of oppo 65W airvooc Wireless Flash charging technology can undoubtedly bring users a better charging experience.

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