We have to admit the changes in life brought by 5G and the significance of cross-age, but since this thing has accelerated, there have been many bad voices. Some people think that operators deliberately reduce the speed of 4G networks in order to promote 5G. The continuous reduction has confirmed this statement. For a while, everyone’s dissatisfaction with the three major operators has reached the extreme.

On November 26, the 2020 World 5G Conference officially opened. In response to this most questioned question, China Mobile responded for the first time. Dong Xin, general manager, said that China Mobile currently has 385,000 5G base stations and 9,000 5G users. Wanhu specifically mentioned that while accelerating 5G construction, they ensured that 4G network services will not decline.

The construction of 5G base stations has brought a lot of pressure to the three major operators. On the one hand, they have to resist the doubts of users, and on the other hand, they have to pour money into them. Only when the construction is completed and all are popularized can these problems be solved. So I often see the three major operators crying poor.

If a large number of users are really lost because of the reduced 4G network speed, the loss will not be worth the loss. Now that the competition among the three companies is so fierce, no one dares to step on this thunder easily, so the matter of reducing the 4G network speed is really not the big three. Operator’s pot.

Now the construction of 5G is in the early stage, and many of them are in the state of coexistence of 4G and 5G. There are too many users, and the pipeline capacity of operators cannot bear such pressure, and the situation of network speed will drop. influence.

The data shows that from January to August this year, the accumulated mobile traffic reached 133.8 billion GB. Who can stand it? There are more and more Internet users, and traffic is getting cheaper and cheaper, so people use it more and more unscrupulously, so the culprit for the slowdown of Internet speed is not the operator, but the “unlimited” packages.

Everyone still has a big worry about 5G, that is, whether the traffic fee will be very expensive. In the early stage of 5G, in order to let everyone experience the speed, this kind of “unlimited” package will definitely not be launched, so the traffic fee is definitely expensive, but otherwise On the one hand, after having a fixed amount of usage, perhaps everyone will no longer be crazy about the Internet, and only in the case of wireless will they unscrupulously watch videos and play games, which may not be a bad thing.

So what do you think about 4G and 5G? If 5G construction is completed in the future and completely replaces 4G, will everyone accept it?
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