On November 11, the 22nd China International High Tech fair emergency safety technology exhibition opened in Shenzhen Convention and Exhibition Center. With the theme of “science and technology demonstration leading, emergency safety first”, the exhibition focuses on the digital, information and intelligent emergency equipment and cutting-edge technology for the prevention and disposal of natural disasters, accidents and disasters at home and abroad, discusses and exchanges the experience and practice of emergency management technology innovation, application integration and basic research, It aims to promote the rapid development of China’s emergency technology industry.

Nine theme exhibition areas with star enterprises

The exhibition is sponsored by Guangdong Provincial Emergency Management Department, Shenzhen Municipal Safety Management Committee Office, Shenzhen Municipal Emergency Management Bureau, organized by Shenzhen Municipal Institute of public safety technology, and co organized by Shenzhen Municipal Emergency Management Bureau and Shenzhen Institute of disaster prevention and mitigation technology. It is understood that compared with the previous emergency safety science and technology exhibition, the scale of this exhibition has been comprehensively upgraded, with an exhibition area of 20000 m2, 9 exhibition areas, about 300 exhibitors, 6 supporting theme forums and 6 on-site theme activities, and the number of visitors is expected to reach 20000.

As an international industry event in the field of “big emergency and big security”, this year, star enterprises at home and abroad, such as Huawei, Shenzhen Research Institute of urban public security technology, Shenzhen Research Institute of disaster prevention and mitigation technology, ZTE, Tencent, China Mobile, China Unicom, China Telecom, BYD, China Railway Construction Group, Yuntian lifeI, etc., have joined the emergency science and technology exhibition of the high tech fair.

This year’s exhibition site is planned as: portal exhibition, monitoring and early warning, satellite technology and application, emergency command and auxiliary decision-making, 5g information and advanced applicable technology and equipment, comprehensive disaster prevention and mitigation, emergency rescue and disposal, emergency medical rescue equipment, prevention and protection.

Covering all areas of emergency response

Thousands of high tech products

The author saw at the scene that all kinds of exhibits are rich and diverse. It includes more than 1000 high-tech exhibits in the portal exhibition area, including prevention and protection products, monitoring and early warning technologies and products, emergency command and auxiliary decision-making, emergency rescue and disposal equipment, comprehensive disaster prevention and mitigation and relief technology and equipment, 5g technology and advanced applicable equipment technology, satellite technology and application technology and products, emergency medical rescue equipment, etc., covering the latest domestic and foreign emergency market The most complete and hot category, full of sense of technology and future.

In terms of hardware and equipment, special UAVs with various emergency attributes, highly mobile unmanned lifeboats with rapid response, lighting equipment suitable for various disaster scenes, flood robots that directly hit the pain points of urban waterlogging, fire engines with multi-function and strong performance, medical equipment for emergency rescue and other exhibits let visitors know the innovative achievements of modern emergency equipment.

In the field of software system, exhibits such as real-time monitoring and early warning fire Internet of things system, peacetime and wartime emergency material management and control platform, big data solution for urban public safety, intelligent warehousing and logistics for emergency material transportation, information management and control system for health and epidemic prevention, remote visual command and rescue solution, etc. will show visitors the Internet of things, 5g The wisdom and efficiency of big data, exclaim that the power of intelligent emergency is trustworthy.

In the home emergency scene, the leakage protector, personal consumables for health and epidemic prevention, small energy storage power supply for home emergency, private car safety protection products, swimming inflatable life-saving bracelet, home emergency medical rescue products and other exhibits make up for the vacancy of home emergency reserve to a large extent and strengthen the audience’s awareness of home emergency.

The exhibition is awesome, and the audience can not be underestimated. This emergency safety technology exhibition has invited 1000+ professional buyers and buyers to participate. It includes 62 emergency management bureaus in all provinces and cities, China National Earthquake Emergency Search and rescue center, rescue teams in all provinces and cities, rescue bureaus under the Ministry of transport, and 30 professional visiting groups organized by domestic and foreign emergency safety industry associations, societies and scientific research institutions. The exhibition provides a new, one-stop platform for scientific and technological achievements display, business docking and exchange, industrial resource integration and industrial promotion on both sides of supply and demand.

Pulse industry development

Many forums “Heroes discuss Tao”

At the same time, the exhibition will also hold six theme forums, including a main forum of emergency safety Technology Innovation Summit Forum, and five sub forums of emergency safety informatization Innovation Summit Forum, disaster risk management innovation and Development Summit Forum, advanced and applicable emergency rescue equipment Summit Forum, hazardous chemicals whole process supervision Summit Forum and emergency medical rescue Summit Forum.

At the main forum held yesterday, the organizer invited Wang Yankui, Secretary of the Party committee and director of Shenzhen Emergency Management Bureau, Yue Qingrui, academician of the Chinese Academy of engineering, and Xu Xiwei, President of the national natural disaster prevention and Control Research Institute, as the keynote speakers to focus on the first demonstration of safety values of socialism with Chinese characteristics, the development trend of disaster risk prediction and early warning, and the informatization of emergency management technology 5g and other cutting-edge technology applications, from the policy situation, technology frontier to the sharing of successful cases, to jointly explore the use of scientific and technological means to improve the level of emergency management.

Shenzhen vigorously promotes the scientific and technological level of emergency management

To promote the modernization of emergency management supported by science and technology is the “core engine” to enhance the city’s emergency capacity in the new era. Nowadays, in Shenzhen, many high-tech emergency systems and products have been widely used in various fields of emergency management to ensure the safe operation of the city.

This year, the Shenzhen Municipal Emergency Management Bureau and the Shenzhen Municipal Institute of public security technology jointly built a “joint innovation center”. Guided by the business needs of emergency management, safety production, disaster prevention and mitigation, the center built an ecosystem of “government, industry, University and research” collaborative innovation, promoted the research and development of cutting-edge technologies and key generic technologies in the field of urban public security, and accelerated the transformation and application of major scientific and technological achievements. Up to now, there are 22 member units of Lianchuang, including Huawei, Ping’an group, aerospace technology group, Hikvision, Tsinghua chen’an, etc.

The author understands that since the establishment of the joint innovation center, it has focused on key urgent needs first, integrated resources, shared information, increased technology research and application promotion, and launched a number of gratifying scientific and technological achievements, which have been applied in various fields of emergency management in Shenzhen. In cooperation with Yuntian lifeI, the center selected large-scale farmers’ markets, supermarkets, pharmacies and other key scenes in Shenzhen as the pilot area to carry out monitoring and early warning, established temperature measurement big data analysis platform, and carried out big data analysis, research and judgment by using AI big data and group health business model, so as to provide data support for government flow and epidemic prevention and control.

The center cooperates with Shenzhen Institute of Aerospace Science and technology innovation to build a constellation of earth observation satellites, build a new infrastructure and industrial development platform for space-based big data acquisition, build a space technology disaster reduction and disaster relief system integrating satellite remote sensing, satellite communication and satellite navigation technology, and provide space information technology support for Shenzhen’s refined management. At present, the center is carrying out preliminary project feasibility study and project implementation Market research, technical route analysis.

Aiming at the problems of large fire load, large number of risk control areas, lack of monitoring information means and difficulty in fire fighting and rescue of super high-rise buildings, Shenzhen Institute of urban public safety technology adopts modern emerging technologies such as Internet of things, big data and artificial intelligence, To carry out research on dynamic fire monitoring and early warning technology for super high-rise buildings, build “dynamic fire monitoring and early warning system for super high-rise buildings”, deploy and apply it in Ping’an financial center, the highest building in Shenzhen, draw three-dimensional models of external and internal structures of buildings, and promote the application and demonstration of project research results through Internet of things and various sensor technologies.

The traditional idea of building seismic design is “small earthquake is not bad, medium earthquake can be repaired, large earthquake can not collapse”, which is to ensure the safety of human life as the ultimate goal. The seismic isolation technology of Shenzhen Institute of disaster prevention and mitigation technology can provide “double protection”, which can not only protect the safety of building structure itself and human life, but also protect the safety of indoor furniture and equipment. It is understood that the Institute is the most important force of seismic reduction and isolation technology in our city, and also the leading unit of the seismic reduction and isolation Professional Committee of China Association for disaster prevention. In recent years, the Institute has independently developed high-sensitivity optical fiber seismometers and data collectors, breaking the technological monopoly of developed countries; According to the characteristics of outside intrusion signals in subway tunnels, special pattern recognition technology is developed to provide automatic and intelligent monitoring and early warning service for subway security. The accurate early warning rate reaches 100%, which is the only one in China and the leading one in the world. The technology has been listed in the special project of Shenzhen safety production in 2020, and will be widely applied in Shenzhen metro tunnel( (Xiaorong)

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