On April 25, the openatom openharmony (hereinafter referred to as “openharmony”) technology day of “jointly building new technologies and exploring new fields” was successfully held in Shenzhen. At the event site, representatives of openharmony PMC members interpreted the technical features of openharmony 3.1 release for the first time. At the same time, openharmony joined hands with co construction units and ecological partners to share the latest progress and practical achievements in technological innovation, ecological co construction, education development, etc.

As one of the important guests of the conference, Shenzhen Huaqiu Electronics Co., Ltd. (hereinafter referred to as Huaqiu Electronics) Co organized and attended the conference, held in-depth discussions with partners in various industries on topics such as the new version features of openharmony, technological innovation, ecological co construction, education development, etc., and offered suggestions for promoting the development, prosperity and innovation of the domestic open source operating system industry.

The openharmony open source project is incubated and operated by the openatom foundation. It is a distributed, full scene, pan intelligent terminal operating system. It is oriented to the full scene, full connection, and full intelligence era. It can provide a unified and integrated digital innovation foundation platform for consumption, finance, energy, education, industry, transportation, medical and other industries.

Since the open source, the openharmony project has received a positive response from the industry and has grown into a very dynamic operating system ecological platform in China. At the beginning of openharmony open source, Huaqiu electronics took the in-depth cooperation with openharmony as one of the important development strategies, became a gold donor of open atom open source foundation, a class C donor of openharmony project group and an ecological partner, and actively participated in the co construction of openhamrony open source projects in community operation, developer empowerment, ecological construction and other fields. In terms of ecological construction, based on the huge engineer community of the electronic enthusiast network and the one-stop service platform of the electronic industry supply chain of Huaqiu, Huaqiu electronics serves openharmony hardware innovation enterprises, creates an openharmony southbound engineer ecology, hardware innovation circle, and incubates openharmony innovation projects.

Specifically, openharmony hardware ecosystem includes the following three components: hardware developer community, technology and business ecosystem, and innovation accelerator. Huaqiu electronics has vigorously promoted the construction of openharmony hardware ecology from three aspects. Based on the growing number of hardware developers, Huaqiu has continuously launched technology Q & A, development board trial, courses, live broadcast, offline salon, meetup, workshop and other content modules, committed to creating a friendly exchange and learning atmosphere, continuously creating valuable content, and promoting the healthy development of openharmony technology community. Through the combination of online and offline mode, Huaqiu has actively answered questions and dispelled doubts for developers. Huaqiu has successfully built an active hardware developer community and provided an effective communication platform for developers. In terms of the development board, Huaqiu also held several development board courses, and arranged experts to answer the questions that may arise during the use of the openharmony development kit online.

Huaqiu electronics continued to focus on the needs of the project group, and provided strong support in technology, supply chain, investment, market and sales. It actively promoted the construction of the technology and business ecosystem from scheme support, preferential hardware delivery to special investment investment and flow support. Based on the ten-year industrial Internet operation precipitation of Huaqiu electronics, Huaqiu electronics has rich and mature experience in innovation incubation and continues to enable innovation. In addition to providing one-stop supply chain support services for PCB manufacturing, component procurement, SMT and PCBA processing for the innovation team, Huaqiu has also specially created an openharmony new hardware innovation and open platform for open source projects to facilitate entrepreneurs.

The openharmony hardware innovation service platform relies on the engineers’ ecological accumulation of the electronic enthusiast network and focuses on hardware innovation projects. The open atom open source foundation, together with Huaqiu electronics, integrates the ecological resources of the whole industry chain, empowers hardware innovation enterprises, incubates openharmony innovation projects, accelerates the growth of outstanding enterprises, and creates an openharmony hardware innovation ecosystem.

At this event, Mr. Zeng Haiyin shared the theme of “Huaqiu enabling to help the development of openharmony ecological hardware”, and also showed the case of Huaqiu electronic openharmony ecological enabling. Zeng Haiyin said, “Huaqiu helps innovative enterprises solve a series of problems in production, promotion and sales through the flow and resources of the electronic enthusiast community, and the intelligent manufacturing and sales ability of Huaqiu. The one-stop design / manufacturing service of Huaqiu electronic supply chain accelerates openharmony innovation and helps enterprises to bring openharmony product ideas to the market faster at a lower cost.”

After the release of openharmony version 3.1, openharmony ecology will enter a new stage of rapid development. While innovating and consolidating technology, various chips, releases and products have been launched in succession, constantly refreshing new cases in the industry. Joining openharmony, the electronic enthusiast network is actively carrying out sample competitions. Huaqiu circuit’s highly reliable multi-layer board service and manufacturing process are well matched with openharmony’s rich devices, which will effectively support and enable openharmony’s hardware R & D and innovation, and promote ecological and commercial prosperity.

Huaqiu electronics, an industrial digital intelligence service platform dedicated to improving the traditional electronic industry chain service mode with information technology, has completed the layout of multiple ecological modules such as “media community, scheme development, dfm-pcb design and manufacturability analysis software, PCB intelligent factory, PCB e-commerce, component e-commerce, smt/pcba processing”. Huaqiu’s “electronic enthusiast network” is the largest electronic engineer community media platform in China, with 5million + users, and users are growing rapidly. It has established good cooperative relations with more than 300 well-known semiconductor manufacturers at home and abroad. Huaqiu supply chain platform has built a complete online and digital intelligent supply chain system from design to manufacturing through intelligent and digital transformation of multiple core links of the industrial chain. Compared with the traditional mode, the cost is greatly reduced and the delivery time is shortened. Based on the huge electronic engineer community and the one-stop supply chain digital platform, openharmony promotes the prosperity and development of the engineer ecology, business and innovation ecology in the south. We look forward to more openharmony innovative hardware coming from Huaqiu Zhizao.

From open source to open source. Huaqiu Electronics will adhere to the concept of “open source, openness and ecological prosperity”, innovate applications in different industries and fields, contribute to the openharmony ecology, and build a solid digital base for thousands of industries. At the same time, Huaqiu Electronics will also join hands with the open atom open source foundation and ecological partners to build a sustainable and win-win openharmony prosperous ecology.

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