Onrobot, a cooperative robot gripper manufacturer, has launched its latest 2.5D vision system, eyes, which is suitable for advanced robot arms and provides additional depth perception and part identification functions.

Onrobot launches its latest 2.5D vision system, eyes, "see" more accurately

It is reported that the problem often encountered by the robot arm is that it is unable to pick up and place objects of different sizes, shapes or directions. It usually requires additional hardware such as clamps and feeding trays to assist the operation, but it also increases the operation cost and complexity, and limits the application scope of the equipment.

Onrobot’s new 2.5D vision system, eyes, can be calibrated and identified by taking only one photo, and can focus automatically at different distances. It is suitable for object classification and various pick-up and play applications.

In addition, the eyes system has the ability of depth perception. Compared with the 2D system, it not only provides the length and width information of specific parts, but also adds the height. It is especially suitable for objects with different heights or need to be stacked.

In actual deployment, the eyes system can be directly attached to the robot arm or directly installed on the wrist joint, and integrated with other onrobot products through the one system solution interface to achieve more applications.

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