Onrobot’s 3fg15 three finger gripper has a stroke of 150mm. This unique solution can effectively replace the large and less flexible three finger gripper in the current market. The new gripper performs well in heavy-duty mechanical maintenance applications requiring high precision and flexible handling.

Odense, Denmark, February 27, 2020 – onrobot is a manufacturer of a full range of plug and play robot tools for collaborative applications. Adhering to the mission of continuously promoting innovation, onrobot today released a small large stroke three finger gripper 3fg15. 3fg15 is easy to program and deploy for rotary parts that are difficult to be processed automatically and accurately in the past, and can flexibly handle parts of various sizes.

Enrico Krog Iversen, chief executive of onrobot, said: “The existing pneumatic three finger grippers are bulky and less flexible, and our new 3fg15 three finger gripper is an improvement on this. For a long time, our Rg2 and RG6 series have defined the market for electric two finger parallel grippers, and we look forward to meeting new market segments and applications through the new three finger gripper. This gripper enables users to deploy applications faster, even when dealing with high-precision fixed positions So. “

The maximum stroke of 3fg15 gripper is 150mm, which can easily handle multiple processes. The innovative three finger design, with a maximum load of 15 kg (33 pounds), provides firm and stable clamping force for both specification adaptation (internal) and friction adaptation (external), thus increasing flexibility for various embodiments.

Ideal choice for CNC machine tool maintenance

The design of the gripper is specially developed for the maintenance task of the machine tool. It can automatically calibrate the center of the workpiece, so as to realize stable clamping and accurate placement in the chuck of the machine tool. The clamping force of 3fg15 ranges from 10 N to 240 n, which is much better than the gripper with poor flexibility.

The gripper is also ideal for packaging and palletizing applications. Meanwhile, onrobot’s award-winning new integrated system solution platform can provide a unified mechanical and electrical interface between the robot arm and any onrobot end tool. Through this platform, the 3fg15 gripper can be seamlessly compatible with all mainstream collaborative robots or light industrial robot arms.

3fg15 features

  • Precise and stable clamping force and self centering function
  • Suitable for 150mm large stroke of 20mm-150mm parts
  • Specification fit (internal) and friction fit (external) clamping
  • 15kg maximum load
  • Weight 1.15kg, clamping force 10-240 n
  • Rapid and flexible deployment

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