The overall solution of virtual reality includes: virtual assembly, real-time monitoring of equipment, visual simulation, 3D electronic manual, simulation operation training, virtual display. Virtual reality is an environment in which people visualize, operate and interact with complex data in real time through computers. It regards users and computers as a whole, and visualizes information through various intuitive tools to form a realistic environment. Users are directly exposed to this three-dimensional information space and freely use all kinds of information.

The solution of virtual assembly is based on high-performance virtual assembly software. In multi-channel large scene immersion environment, immersive peripherals are used for real-time human-computer interaction to realize product virtual assembly. The Virtual Assembly solution consists of famous virtual assembly software CATIA DMU, process simulation software DELMIA, virtual reality software Virtools, high performance graphics workstation cluster, Barco cadwall display system and Barco multi window display system XDS. It provides all kinds of functions (such as collision analysis, section cutting, measurement, marking, etc.) needed in the process of virtual assembly, and even product motion analysis. The open system structure supports a variety of heterogeneous CAD file formats, effectively avoids the risk in the process of model transformation, and expands the single machine virtual assembly to multi-channel virtual immersion system.

The real-time monitoring solution consists of data acquisition sensor, data management system and Virtools (eon) three-dimensional virtual monitoring platform. In this scheme, the equipment and vehicle working conditions are collected in real time by data acquisition sensors, and sent to the data management platform for unified storage management, and finally displayed in real time on the three-dimensional virtual monitoring platform. The real-time monitoring solution supports the integration with visual system, enterprise PDM and MES system. The data acquisition sensor realizes the real-time acquisition function of vehicle working condition, and sends the working condition parameters to the database server.

Data management system is responsible for processing all the collected data, providing data storage, search, transfer and other functions, is the management platform of all the collected data. The three-dimensional virtual monitoring platform is developed based on Virtools virtual reality tools, which can provide users with a three-dimensional environment for interactive browsing. The mechanism movement of virtual equipment and vehicle, the working state of instrument and the change of working condition parameters can be displayed to users intuitively.

Through the device real-time monitoring solution, users can grasp the status of the device at any time, especially when there is a fault, they can immediately watch the fault phenomenon and the wrong parameters, and on this basis, they can quickly respond and deal with the fault. Visual simulation solution consists of visual simulation software Vega Prime or Virtools (eon), graphics workstation cluster, Barco’s SIM or Galaxy series projection system and central control system. The solution builds a virtual environment with strong immersion feeling, which is used to realize the interactive display of macro scene and fine small scene, and is suitable for various visual simulation applications.

Vega Prime, a visual simulation software, is especially suitable for the display of large scenes, especially the battlefield, which is mainly controlled by programming; Virtools (eon) is suitable for small scenes that need fine display, it can show more real details. According to the user’s requirements for stereoscopic display, you can choose Barco SIM series or Galaxy series projectors and corresponding column screens to project high-resolution and clear images generated by the graphics generation system to create a virtual reality environment with high immersion.

On the overall solution of virtual reality

According to the needs of users, the visual simulation solution also optimizes the configuration of the central control system, ultra wideband matrix switcher, digital audio system, etc., which effectively realizes the switching between different signals and audio control.

3D electronic manual is an electronic manual with interactive ability, which embeds 3D multimedia information into common electronic documents, and enables users to understand the products vividly by interacting with 3D multimedia information in electronic documents. The production of 3D electronic manual is mainly completed by eon professional and GL Studio, and composer is mainly used to make 3D geometric electronic documents in engineering; Virtools and eon professional are mainly used to create 3D geometric electronic documents that focus on rendering effects; GL Studio is mainly used for making electronic documents of instrument panel.

Professional virtual reality software composer, Virtools, eon and GL Studio provide perfect three-dimensional interactive ability, which does not need special hardware support, does not need license to run, and is easy to be embedded in documents, so it is especially suitable for making IETM (interactive electronic manual). Highly compressed file size makes it easy for users to browse, inspect, test and understand complex product information, including important information such as product operation and maintenance. It is particularly important that the applications developed by composer, Virtools, eon and GL Studio can be easily embedded into the existing general electronic documents. In the general electronic documents, the interaction between 3D model and virtual instrument panel can be completed only in the virtual reality environment.

Simulation operation training is the use of virtual reality software interaction function and virtual reality environment, with the help of interactive equipment, including ordinary keyboard, mouse and virtual immersion peripherals, such as 3D mouse, force feedback device, etc., through the interaction with the virtual reality environment to achieve personnel operation skills training, also known as simulation based training (SBT).

Simulation operation training solution is mainly based on Virtools or GL Studio, which has low hardware requirements. It can create virtual working environment, such as construction site, equipment maintenance workshop, develop virtual large-scale equipment, engineering vehicles and internal control system. Through simulation driving and operation, the trainees can be familiar with the use process of equipment vehicles Maintenance process and troubleshooting process. Pratt Whitney virtual display solution provides a series of immersive 3D interactive three-dimensional experience environment with high cost performance and easy to use. The perfect interactive function can make the audience become the participants of 3D products rather than just the viewers.

The virtual display solution is based on excellent virtual reality software eon ictcher or Virtools VR and its corresponding hardware, such as Pratt & Whitney stereo display system and i-presence. It establishes an immersive 3D interactive stereo experience environment, which can realize the perfect display of products. The two hardware systems provided by Pratt Whitney virtual display solution are both portable and cost-effective. Stereoscopic display system is a single channel passive stereoscopic projection system, which can be bundled with Virtools or eon development license. You can not only display your products on it, but also use it to develop 3D display applications.

Eon i-presence is a unique hardware system, which can achieve wonderful visual experience when used with eon software. It realizes naked eye stereo and naked hand operation. It doesn’t need any display equipment (stereo glasses, display helmet, etc.), and it can observe the 3D products floating in the air with naked eyes; And without any interactive devices (data gloves, 3D mouse, etc.), we can operate and control the 3D products floating in front of us with bare hands. Eon i-presence is a truly attractive 3D product display environment.


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