With the increasing fidelity and immersion of single game, virtual reality technology has gradually entered people’s field of vision. The word “metaverse” first appeared in Neal Stevenson’s groundbreaking science fiction “Snowstorm” in 1992, and then had a great impact on the Internet and virtual reality technology.

In a recent interview, NVIDIA CEO Huang Renxun also said that the virtual commons based on 3A masterpiece is coming. According to WCC, Huang Renxun talked about the impact of virtual reality technology on today’s game industry in an interview.

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“The answer is yes. I think it’s time for this kind of game to appear, and there may be more than one. For example, there are some styles of games based on my world, fortress night, battlefield, call of duty, and even games similar to Warcraft and wizard. It’s an exciting thing. “

In addition to virtual technology, Huang also reiterated his views on the rapid development of the game industry in the recent home office mode

“Yes, the market for leisure and entertainment is quite huge. In the traditional sense, it includes movies, tourism, hotel accommodation, skiing and many other aspects. When the lifestyle changes, people will have more time to surf the Internet. And family entertainment will account for more and more entertainment in the future, and will also account for more and more entertainment and consumption in the world. I think this has become a “foregone conclusion.”


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