In the past, it was easy to promote photovoltaic, mainly because after adding subsidies, its yield could reach 10% and there were bank loans, highlighting the investment value of photovoltaic. We have ignored the use value of photovoltaic for a long time. Now it is necessary for us to understand the use value of photovoltaic.


About the benefits of thermal insulation and shading, Dajing has published two or three articles, which is also the driving force for many people to install photovoltaic. Now the weather is getting hotter and hotter. Everyone is aware of the heat insulation problem of the roof, especially the single storey buildings in cities and towns. With photovoltaic power generation, the indoor temperature can be reduced by 6 degrees. It is really an artifact of shading and heat insulation.


Photovoltaic power generation is widely welcomed by the people, and its value is a distinctive trend. Photovoltaic power generation is not an ordinary electrical appliance, but a set of equipment worth tens of thousands of yuan and hundreds of thousands of yuan, which can not be bought by ordinary people. If you install a set in your own house, this building will appear very fashionable and become a celebrity in all parts of the country.


Before, many people installed PV for financial management, which led to the neglect of the aesthetic value of PV. Many people said that the installation of PV on the roof became ugly, without considering the aesthetic factors. In fact, with the development of photovoltaic building integration, photovoltaic power generation can play a very beautiful effect on roofs and buildings. In the future, more and more people require that photovoltaic must be beautiful.

environment protection

In any case, photovoltaic power generation is an environmental protection product. Now the environmental protection industry is so popular. With the promotion of the government, many industrial and commercial bosses are willing to accept photovoltaic products, and many villa owners are willing to buy more expensive new energy power through photovoltaic.

On the consumption value of photovoltaic

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