With the development of economy in the new era, a variety of emerging industries are emerging in China, and online shopping, as a new economic form, has entered people’s lives, greatly improving people’s living standards. At the same time, the upsurge of entrepreneurship in China has further promoted the development of the domestic VR industry, and the performance of VR in recent years has proved its unlimited potential. All walks of life want to make use of the unique characteristics of immersion, interactivity and imagination of VR to try to carry out industrial transformation and innovation and upgrading. In the field of online shopping, major enterprises are also actively changing their strategies and trying to integrate VR Experience as output, and put forward VR online shopping.

Different ways of presentation. Now there are two ways to display commodities, one is pictures, and the other is videos. One is two-dimensional, and the other is slightly better than two-dimensional. On the VR e-commerce platform, commodities are three-dimensional models. With the enhancement of modeling technology, commodities are more realistic on the VR e-commerce platform. The two-dimensional and three-dimensional effects are completely different. Three dimensional models and immersive experience make it easier So that customers have a sense of immersion, and for customers, they can better choose their own goods without buying unsuitable goods due to sensory errors.

Changes in the way of browsing. We are now shopping online and browsing the web. The mature VR e-commerce platform can simulate the offline shopping experience to VR. We can go shopping on the platform like shopping in the mall. This kind of subversive experiential consumption will stimulate and attract consumers in the sense.

More gorgeous design. Due to the change of browsing mode and the free travel of virtual world, for the platform, decoration has once again moved from offline to online. On the VR platform, more colorful decoration design replaces the layout design of the web page. Shopkeepers can improve the success rate of transactions by creating an atmosphere suitable for shopping. This was originally the means used by offline stores, which can be used on the VR platform To copy it. Moreover, on the VR platform, we can use the designed shopping guide AI robot to let customers experience more humanized design. In general, the design of VR platform will be more harmonious and more conducive to trading.

On the advantages of VR shopping and the future development prospect of VR shopping

At present, foreign VR shopping malls have been applied to people’s lives, and are favored by the public. With the advent of 5g technology, the continuous improvement of hardware equipment, the hot development of VR technology, people’s growing interest in virtual reality experience, which promotes the birth of the next generation of Internet of things, it will link the objects around us and become a part of our communication life, perhaps In the future, VR shopping can replace the traditional online shopping and become a new generation of shopping mode.

After logging in, the user will enter the main interface, wear the device and start to experience VR shopping. The main interface is the galaxy planet in the sky. The user’s initial position is to watch the galaxy virtual platform on the earth. The planet is mainly divided into four parts: VR shopping mall, VR reservation system and user center. The theme style of each scene is different in the virtual logistics display system. Users can choose the scene they need to enter according to the controller to experience the pleasure of shuttling between the earth and the stars, so that users can have a more real and immersive feeling.

VR shopping malls will be combined with AI machines, and AI robots will turn into shopping guides and guides. According to the classification and planning of the real shopping mall, it is divided into five categories: supermarket, furniture, clothing / shoes and hats, digital / home appliances, and beauty, covering all kinds of goods for users to choose. Users can use the control handle to move to the corresponding destination in the virtual reality space, and can intuitively view the appearance and shape, production date, product introduction and other related information of the goods through the control handle, which can be compared with other similar businesses Check the purchase record, product details and evaluation, check the recommended supporting products, share them with friends and family, and ask for their opinions. The products you like can be directly put into the shopping cart or paid by placing an order.

After entering the supermarket scene, the user can move around the corresponding products according to the classification of the logo. The AI robot will guide the user or introduce the goods nearby. The user can select the goods and take them to the hand to watch the packaging, shape, ingredient list and production date. If you don’t think it’s suitable, you can put the goods back in the shopping cart or put them in the shopping cart.

After entering the home scene, users can move around the corresponding products according to the classification of signs. AI robots will guide users or introduce products nearby. For large goods, users can view the front, back, left and right sides of the goods through the controller. They can also open the door of the cabinet through the controller, open the drawer, and view the internal space and structure. According to their favorite style, the products can be displayed Choose the appropriate product according to the appropriate size, put the items into the shopping cart or pay directly.


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