In 2020, the organic light-emitting diode (OLED) equipment market will continue to grow, which is mainly due to China’s semiconductor display enterprises continue to increase investment in OLED. According to UBI research, the market size of OLED manufacturing equipment is expected to reach US $9.51 billion in 2020, an increase of US $1.2 billion over last year’s (US $8.31 billion).

Last year, in the overall OLED market share, the equipment used in the 6th generation OLED panel production line accounted for 89% (US $7.4 billion) of the total equipment purchase amount, which was basically ordered by Chinese enterprises. As Chinese mainland panel factory BOE, Tianma, CSOT and other enterprises continue to expand the production capacity of the 6 generation of OLED panels, it is estimated that the 6 generation OLED panel production equipment procurement will reach 7 billion 280 million US dollars in 2020, which is equivalent to that of last year. In terms of specific varieties, TFT devices (36%) and pixel manufacturing laminating devices (23%) still account for a large proportion, followed by packaging devices (13%) and module devices (11%).

Market share forecast of OLED devices in 2020

OLED device market will show a growth trend, and the market scale is expected to reach 9.51 billion US dollars

Data source: UBI research

As semiconductor display enterprises shift their focus from liquid crystal display (LCD) to OLED, it is expected that the related market will continue to maintain a rising momentum in the future. Mobile phones are still the largest application scenario of OLED, and the utilization rate of OLED by smart phone manufacturers will be further improved in the future. According to the global mobile phone panel shipment market tracking report released by runto, the global mobile phone OLED panel shipment is expected to reach 480 million in 2020, which is basically the same as that in 2019.

2015-2020 global OLED mobile phone panel shipment

OLED device market will show a growth trend, and the market scale is expected to reach 9.51 billion US dollars

Data source: runto unit: million tablets

Joyce, chief analyst of semiconductor display industry cluster of Lotto technology, believes that with the cost reduction brought by the optimization of upstream and downstream industry chain and scale effect of OLED, as well as the continuous enrichment of terminal application scenarios, the procurement share of OLED equipment outside mobile phones will further increase.

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