At present, there are many controversies about whether the next generation display technology leader of color TV industry should be OLED with screen or laser without screen.

In fact, there are many forces that really determine whether a display technology can become a market leader. The most important thing is the product market acceptance and affinity driven by the industry chain.

In the past, plasma technology, as a self luminous technology, used to be “as powerful” as liquid crystal technology. However, it was defeated by LCD TV in the end, not to say how advanced and leading LCD TV technology is. But there are many partners in the LCD industry chain.

It is the so-called “more help from the right way, less help from the wrong way”. For the current OLED with screen and laser without screen, it is not the core technology or the innovation ability that is currently compared, but how many small partners will participate in and promote this road.

The age of aphasia

Core less screen, has been the biggest pain in the development of China’s color TV industry. This is also the reason why Chinese enterprises can not take the initiative in the global color TV market as they do in the air conditioning market. The development of Chinese color TV enterprises has been restricted by foreign-funded enterprises.

In the cost structure of an LCD TV, the cost of LCD screen accounts for 45% – 50%, which means that the cost of this part is completely in the hands of foreign-funded enterprises.

Therefore, in the early and mid-term of the tablet era, foreign-funded enterprises occupy the leading position in the industry by virtue of their panel advantages, and the top three in the global shipping volume have always been Japanese and Korean enterprises. In the later stage, the layout of China’s panel production line has been continuously improved, and domestic color TV enterprises have begun to use the dividend of China’s market and policy to reduce costs while innovating technology, and gradually become prominent on the world stage. For example, Hisense has replaced Sharp’s market position.

Although some enterprises began to introduce LCD production lines, because Japanese and Korean enterprises mastered the core technology, they only transferred part of the low generation production lines to China. In addition, China’s industrial system in this area is not perfect, resulting in a low rate of good products, and the screen produced can only supply low-end products. Therefore, chips and LCD screens have been imported.

A flash in the pan era of intelligence

With the rapid development of Internet technology, TV network, content, software richness began to become the core elements of color TV enterprise competition. At this stage, enterprises have focused on smart TV, and even some Internet enterprises have begun to enter the TV field, such as LETV and Xiaomi, and occupy a certain market space. In the field of smart TV, Chinese enterprises have become more and more popular than foreign brands, and even Hisense’s smart TV activation users have exceeded 10 million.

When Chinese enterprises begin to invest in the battle of smart TV, foreign brands are busy with the research of higher display technology, such as OLED technology. With the more and more serious homogenization of content and the regulation of SARFT, the competition of content does not have the advantage of differentiation, so the color TV enterprises have begun the competition of display. That’s why the battle between OLED and uled appears at this moment.

The era of OLED

At present, Samsung and LG of South Korea have the absolute say in OLED technology. Although some panel enterprises in China have started to put OLED technology into production, they can not meet the requirements of high level no matter from the perspective of core technology or production conditions. Color TV enterprises should promote OLED technology or purchase displays from foreign-funded enterprises.

From another point of view, when foreign-funded enterprises with OLED discourse are worried that they can not vigorously promote their upstream parts, some domestic enterprises are taking the lead in quarreling in the market, which virtually increases the attention of global users to them and helps them to attack the Chinese market. Isn’t this a case of competition between Snipes and mussels?

What’s more worrying is that some color TV companies have even started a price war on OLED products just to compete with uled for market share. Not to mention how high the purchase price of OLED panels is and how high the profits of panel manufacturers are, first of all, for a new technology that has not been fully popularized or even mature, they begin to adopt the way of price war to promote it, Isn’t this the act of killing a chicken for its eggs?

Laser era must be grasped

In fact, in the new display technology, each enterprise has its own choice. As long as it can meet consumer demand and conform to the strategic planning of its own enterprise, there is no need to show off or slander the quality of technology.

However, for China’s color TV enterprises, if they continue to follow the line from the LCD era to the self luminous OLED era that has been designed by foreign enterprises. Then the development of China’s color TV industry will always be faced with foreign enterprises holding the neck and lifeline. Chinese enterprises will never be able to walk out of the “technical swaddle” of foreign-funded enterprises.

Therefore, all Chinese color TV enterprises must make a new start, open a new path of independent definition, independent innovation, and have the right to speak. Undoubtedly, from the very beginning, laser screen less TV has broken the restriction of foreign-funded enterprises on display panel, which fundamentally solves the restriction of foreign-funded enterprises, thus helping to truly enhance the core competitiveness of Chinese color TV enterprises.

Similarly, on laser screen less TV, including Hisense, Changhong, and many domestic enterprises have laid out R & D, and established a relatively perfect and mature industrial chain system. This is also the hope and future of China’s color TV industry in the future.

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