As we all know, as September approaches, the high-profile apple new product launch has officially entered the countdown, which makes people wonder what surprises Apple will bring to us besides the new iPhone? Now it is reported that the new Apple watch is also expected to appear in the autumn new product launch.

It is understood that recently, it has been found that many apple watch watchbands in the store on Apple’s official website are “temporarily out of stock”. As of this morning, a total of 6 loopback sports watchbands and 8 rubber sports watchbands have been removed from the shelves on Apple’s official website in the United States. In addition, most Hermes watchbands are also unavailable.

Although the word “temporarily out of stock” did not appear on Apple’s official website before, it is clear that 14 models are out of stock together. Is this a coincidence? Or is it the “routine” that Apple suggests the new model is coming? It’s really confusing!

In addition, it is worth mentioning that the foreign media consomoc reported that Apple has registered several new Apple watch model identifiers in the Eurasian Economic Database. According to the documents in the Eurasian Economic database, the upcoming “Apple watch series 4” has a total of six model identifiers listed. Compared with the previous generation of Apple watch series 3, the product line of Apple watch series 4 has been reduced, which may also be a precursor for apple to give up expensive ceramic machines.

If it is said that it was only an accident that Apple took off the apple watch strap, with the exposure of the new Apple watch model identifier in the Eurasian Economic database, it seems that the release of the new smart watch is not far away.

It can only be said that as September approaches, every move of Apple will receive outside attention. Of course, apple, which leads the trend, is also worthy of people’s expectations. Once its unparalleled innovation ability comes out, it still has a certain rhythm of doing things. What surprises will Apple’s new watch bring us? Obviously, we still need to wait for time to give the answer!


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