On Thursday, Osterhout design group (ODG) demonstrated a new special oxygen mask, which uses the same AR technology as smart glasses to help FedEx pilots navigate in dangerous environments.

The smoke proof visual enhanced display (saved) head mounted display (HUD) is not only a cleverly constructed text mark, but also connected to the flight computer of the aircraft and the camera fixed outside the aircraft. In addition to providing oxygen, if the pilot’s vision is blocked by smoke, the mask can display key flight information and vision to the pilot.

Ralph Osterhout, ODG CEO, said in a statement: “During the flight, clear vision is everything, and ODG’s award-winning helmet technology can create an aircraft display system, which will become a life-saving tool for FedEx and even the entire aviation industry. Saved is an excellent example, which shows the power and potential of smart glasses, as well as its real impact on our lives, and continues ODG’s unparalleled innovation pace in this field.”

Although the mask is designed for FedEx, ODG plans to provide this technology to civil and commercial aircraft manufacturers and military organizations.

According to the FAA service difficulty report quoted by the Federal Aviation Administration of the United States, on average, a preventive landing is required every day for fires, smoke or other gases in flight.

Jimborman, senior vice president in charge of flight business of FedEx, said: “FedEx is very happy to cooperate with ODG to test this important technological innovation. We look forward to the continuous development of this product and believe that it is possible to enhance the safety of pilots in an emergency.”

Manufacturers such as Boeing have shown how AR can improve the efficiency of personnel working on aircraft, but it seems that AR can also play a life-saving role in the cockpit.

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