Oculus quietly released quill theatre on quest platform last month and brought VR immersive art and animation to more VR users through this application. This free application provides a selection of content, including the high-quality short film “the remedy”, which shows the great potential of VR as a content creation tool.

Oculus launched quill theatre to bring users more immersive VR art

Quill is a VR drawing and animation tool launched in 2016, which allows artists to work in 3D, and can intuitively control spatial input, closely combining the feeling of hand painting with the efficiency of computer graphics.

Over the years, there have been many excellent works of art and animation made with quill, but it has never been easy for creators to distribute content. How to let more users see these excellent works? Quill theatre, which can be used for free on quest, may solve this problem. Although the application does not allow content creation, it has full-featured immersive playback functions, including pause and playback controls, and can switch between any angle defined by the artist.

Oculus launched quill theatre to bring users more immersive VR art

At present, quill theatre has been integrated into Quest’s oculus TV application, which enables users to easily browse the content in quill without downloading a separate application. At present, the application only provides a small amount of selected content, but in the future, oculus seems to plan to expand the content range in quill theatre and hope to build it into a place where artists can continuously obtain users and display excellent works.


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