In the past few years, the VR head display market has been advancing steadily. Although the pace is slow, manufacturers have improved technology and widely used in mainstream head displays. With the launch of Facebook’s new device, the structure of the whole market is changing. Oculus series hardware is struggling to catch up with Sony PS VR, which ranks first, and gradually lags behind HTC, which ranks third.

According to the data provided by trend force, a market research company, from 2017 to 2018, the global volume of VR head display increased by 25% to 4.65 million units, which is expected to increase by 29% in 2019. Sony’s Playstation VR still leads the market, followed by Facebook oculus head display series.

Trend force and stanista, a market research company, said Sony’s market share fell from 43% in 2018 to 36.7% in 2019. On the contrary, after Facebook successively launched popular new products such as oculus go, oculus rift and oculus quest, its market share increased from 19.4% to 28.3%.

Facebook has made a grand blueprint for the VR project in 2020 and plans to develop a multi person virtual reality interface that can connect various oculus devices and allow multiple users to experience at the same time. Facebook horizon will enter a closed test next year.

Last year, Sony and Facebook accounted for 63% of VR product shipments, which will rise to 70% by 2019. HTC ranks third, with a relatively low market share, from 12.9% in 2018 to 13.3% this year. However, HTC has just released a new HTC vive cosmos head display and added a new VR hardware product line.

Stanista also mentioned Microsoft’s market performance. In 2018, Microsoft’s market share was 3.2%. At present, it is impossible to predict the trend in 2019. Microsoft should not only develop the enterprise class product hololens 2 of augmented reality and hybrid reality, but also ensure that its windows hybrid reality platform can support major manufacturers, including Acer, ASUS, Dell, HP and Samsung.

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