According to reports, occipital, an American Mobile Computing vision manufacturer, and inuitive, an Israeli 3D imaging and vision processor manufacturer, have jointly developed a complete software and hardware solution that can realize efficient indoor virtual reality sensing and real-time positioning and mapping (SLAM) for virtual reality, augmented reality and hybrid reality (MR / Ar / VR) applications.

The solution combines occipital’s structure core embeddable depth sensor and inuitive’s nu3000 advanced processing chip. Through cooperation, the two companies tightly integrate structure core and nu3000 to minimize the main system load and provide unparalleled user experience at the same time. The new solution has a depth sensing range of 30cm to more than 5m and an accuracy of ± 0.17% RMS (plane fitting) at 1m. The integrated solution can reduce the load of dual core ARM CPU by 25% when performing 6-DOF tracking.

Occipital provides an advanced hybrid reality software engine and development platform

The system delay (from camera to full tracking attitude) is only 10 ms. Even with such excellent performance, the power consumption of depth vision is only 1.3W ~ 2.0W depending on the configuration selection.

In addition to the structure core depth sensor, occipital also provides the bridge engine (an advanced hybrid reality software engine and development platform). Bridge engine can be used on multiple platforms. With advanced virtual reality location tracking and hybrid reality capabilities, manufacturers can accelerate the product development for market.

The integration of structure core and nu3000 is designed for the next generation of applications in smart home, industrial robots and headwear devices. Especially in the case that sunlight may blind the robot’s navigation system depending on time-of-flight or structured light depth sensor, the dual infrared camera of structure core can still be used for stereo depth perception.

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