The world’s leading professional semiconductor designers and manufacturers will use Amazon cloud technology’s perfect infrastructure and industry-leading cloud service portfolio to improve semiconductor design and verification capabilities, so that engineers can focus on chip innovation

Beijing, October 25, 2021 / AP / — Amazon cloud technology announced that NXP semiconductors N.V. officially chose Amazon cloud technology as the preferred cloud service provider to migrate most electronic design automation (EDA) workloads from the local data center to the Amazon cloud platform. Relying on the industry-leading cloud platform, NXP has improved the efficiency and competitive advantage of advanced semiconductor design and verification to meet the customized semiconductor requirements of automotive electronics, industrial Internet of things (IOT), mobile devices and communication infrastructure business. NXP makes use of Amazon cloud technology’s perfect global infrastructure and service capabilities in the fields of high-performance computing (HPC), storage, analysis and machine learning to enhance the cooperation among dozens of design centers around the world and the efficiency of EDA, reduce the cost and minimize the risk of project scheduling through the elastic expansion of computing resources. Thanks to Amazon cloud technology’s almost unlimited cloud resources, NXP engineering developers do not need to spend energy managing computing resources, but can focus more time on innovation.

With the help of Amazon cloud technology, NXP hopes to obtain long-term process improvement and reshape the design and testing methods of semiconductors. Before NXP manufactures new chips, the designed products need to be widely tested and verified through EDA process to ensure complete and reliable functions, high quality and high performance. NXP’s complex EDA workflow includes front-end design, performance simulation and verification, as well as back-end workload including timing and power analysis, design rule inspection and chip production preparation. In the past, semiconductor companies run these iterative processes in local data centers with fixed computing power. Due to the massive computing power required in each development cycle and the increasing complexity of chip design, it may take months or even years to produce a new product unless additional computing infrastructure can be accurately predicted and deployed. However, after adopting Amazon cloud technology to support its EDA process, NXP has obtained the scale computing power and agility to promote multiple projects on demand at the same time, without considering the complexity of the project, and can run dozens of performance simulations concurrently, so as to shorten the time to obtain results.

In order to better manage the scale and complexity of its design work, NXP relies on Amazon cloud technology’s data analysis and machine learning services to continuously improve the R & D workflow. By adopting the cloud business intelligence service supported by machine learning of Amazon cloud technology, Amazon quicksight obtains stronger engineering and operational insight and helps improve workflow efficiency. For example, NXP can shorten the time of chip design iteration by quickly using the results of one test step to improve another step. NXP also uses Amazon sagemaker services to help developers and data scientists quickly build, train and deploy machine learning models in the cloud and at the edge to optimize the way to build computing, storage and third-party software application licenses. To support the development work, NXP is building a data lake on the Amazon cloud platform using the storage service Amazon Simple Storage Service (Amazon S3) and the data extraction, transformation and loading service Amazon glue.

NXP also uses a series of dedicated examples of high-performance computing from Amazon cloud technology to further optimize EDA workflow. This series of special examples can meet the unique requirements of each design project and achieve high cost performance. NXP uses Amazon FSX for lustre to provide cost-effective, high-performance and scalable storage for EDA and other computing workloads, save Pb level design simulation data, and make it quickly used for analysis.

Olli hyyppa, chief information officer and senior vice president of NXP semiconductor, said: “We believe that in a world where more and more devices and infrastructures are interconnected, cloud based EDA is essential to accelerate semiconductor innovation, accelerate the launch of new design products and support an increasingly digital world. Amazon cloud technology provides the scale expansion capacity, global deployment, computing and storage resources we need, as well as continuously optimized cost performance advantages. We are happy to deepen our cooperation with Amazon cloud technology , with the cloud capability support of the next generation EDA workload, our design engineers can also re focus on innovation and lead the transformation of the semiconductor industry. “

Dave brown, vice president of elastic computing cloud business of Amazon cloud technology, said: “Amazon cloud technology is committed to becoming a builder Community, and this cooperation with NXP can enable builders to work in an extremely efficient environment and obtain the required infrastructure and necessary capabilities. By migrating EDA workload to Amazon cloud platform, NXP designers and developers can obtain better tools for cross regional semiconductor design and development cooperation. This will also help NXP to manufacture more chips and support innovation in the fields of Internet of things and Internet connected vehicles. We are very pleased to be able to empower the cutting-edge innovation of the semiconductor industry. With the large-scale introduction of chip design to the cloud, we are full of expectations for the innovation prospect of the industry. “

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