Eindhoven, the Netherlands – November 20, 2020 – NXP semiconductors N.V., NASDAQ Code: nxpi recently announced that lpc55s16mcu has obtained the PSA certification scheme jointly developed by arm and the level 2 certification of the global platform “Internet of things platform security assessment standard” (sesip), which uses the security protection configuration framework defined for embedded processors. With the rapid development of Internet of things and industrial edge applications, equipment security and data protection are becoming more and more important. The two certifications highlight the effectiveness of NXP’s path of “ensuring safety through product design”, and further enhance OEM and consumer confidence in edge devices based on NXP devices.

Lpc55s16mcu belongs to edgeverse Gamma The computing and security portfolio is a member of the general lpc5500 MCU family based on the arm? Cortex? – M33 core. The series adopts 40 nm NVM process technology, advanced safety function and mixed signal function to ensure further improvement of performance.

Both sesip and PSA are tested and certified by brightlight, a well-known independent safety assessment laboratory.

Lpc55s16mcu has obtained PSA2 level certification. The certification is based on a comprehensive assurance framework, which can prove robust safety, which enables equipment manufacturers to reduce additional safety tests and shorten the time to market. A 25 day lab evaluation of the device against PSA root (PSA rot) security requirements was conducted to demonstrate its ability to prevent scalable software attacks.

In order to meet the requirements of the global platform se SIP Level 2 standard, lpc55s16mcu has undergone source code analysis and penetration testing by brightsight, and verified by another independent certification body. Sesip certification helps to ensure that the security requirements of the product are tested and verified, and that lpc55s16mcu is resistant to potential basic attacks. Sesip allows customers to reuse lpc55s16mcu validation results during the certification process of their final application.

The built-in safety functions of lpc55s16mcu include:

·Armtrustzone? Technology enables system wide software protection and safely isolates peripherals, reducing the risk of attacks on critical components

·AES-256 accelerator can ensure confidentiality, and secure hash algorithm (Sha2) accelerator can ensure the integrity of secure communication and secure startup

·The prince module encrypts and decrypts the flash memory on chip in real time, which can ensure the safe storage of data and the protection of software intellectual property (IP) assets

·Casper encryption and decryption coprocessor can accelerate various asymmetric encryption algorithms and help establish secure connections

·Physical anti cloning technology (PUF) uses a dedicated on-chip SRAM to construct a unique device root key (64-4096 bits) for secure storage

·128 bit unique serial number (UUID) for device identification

·True random number generator (TRNG)

·Code watchdog supports integrity checking of firmware execution flow

·Debugging authentication protocol for secure debugging

By edgelock Gamma Assurance certification

Lpc55s16mcu has joined edgelock assurance certification program. The products and services of NXP covered in edgelockassurance program are designed to meet industry standards and follow a mature security development process and validation assessment from product concept to release, so as to help customers obtain reliable solutions to meet their security challenges.

Product supply

The recommended retail unit price of the lpc55s16mcu series is $1.54 (USD), starting from 10000 units.

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