• The first in the industry to support Wi Fi 6 and Bluetooth ® 5.2 and 802.15.4 monolithic tri band radio series can realize simultaneous transmission and reception, bringing higher performance to intelligent solutions
  • The series supports the secure connection standard matter for future smart home interoperability, providing excellent coexistence, performance and radio integration
  • Seamlessly connect smart devices across protocols and ecosystems, simplify development, reduce the cost of smart home, automobile and industrial equipment, and reduce the space occupied by circuit boards

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Las Vegas CES Exhibition – January 7, 2022 – NXP semiconductors N.V., NASDAQ: nxpi) today announced the launch of the industry’s first secure tri band radio device iw612 supporting Wi Fi 6, Bluetooth 5.2 and 802.15.4 protocols. This new device belongs to NXP’s new tri band radio product series, which can realize seamless and secure connection in smart home, automobile and industrial use cases, and support a new groundbreaking matter connection protocol. Iw612 frees consumers from the limitations of a single protocol ecosystem and allows them to enjoy seamless interoperability between different ecosystems and wireless network technologies. In addition, developers can take advantage of NXP’s advanced coexistence features to support three radio frequencies on one device at the same time, which not only reduces costs but also saves development time.

One of the major challenges facing the Internet of things is the limitation of interoperability. Consumers cannot mix smart home products of different companies. The new standardized Internet of things connection protocol matter is designed by industry leaders including NXP, which can lift the use restrictions between different manufacturers or wireless technologies through unified device communication. The protocol supports the creation of more connections between more objects, which simplifies the development process for manufacturers and enhances compatibility for consumers.

In order to support interoperability in the new era, iw612 takes the lead in integrating three advanced radio connections into the same equipment, which can provide powerful radio performance and integrate high-performance RF front-end. This technology combination can make the smart home achieve real interoperability, significantly shorten the development time, simplify the design and reduce the cost. The solution is highly integrated, which can help developers overcome hardware coexistence challenges, support advanced security protocols, and help resist the increasing security threats of the Internet of things.

Iw612 relies on the network security solutions built by NXP based on many years of technical experience to help combat the continuous security threats faced by intelligent devices. Iw612 provides secure startup, debugging and wireless firmware update functions for continuous protection. It also uses WPA3 security standard and hardware encryption engine.

Larry Olivas, vice president of NXP semiconductor and general manager of wireless connection solutions department, said: “With iw612, developers can use different wireless connection protocols on one device to create easy-to-use and safe smart home, industrial and automotive applications. From door locks and smart speakers to in car entertainment and telematics, many products benefit from our tri band radio solution, which supports a variety of technologies and ecosystems, including matter. This Provides a more cost-effective solution for developers while simplifying deployment for consumers. “

Jonathan Collins, research director of ABI research, said: “Interoperability has been a key challenge leading to the fragmentation of the smart home market for many years, but devices that support matter can change this situation. Through NXP’s new monolithic device, developers can use the connection protocol supported by matter in smart home applications and promote their greater adoption of matter. This in turn makes smart devices easier to connect and use Provide consumers with more choices of interoperable devices to improve availability. “

Other details

In smart homes that need to use integrated Wi Fi 6 radio to connect thread or Bluetooth devices to the cloud, iw612 is also very suitable for border router, bridge and gateway applications. In addition, whether the device uses Wi Fi or thread, iw612 supports communication between matter devices. Therefore, matter over Wi Fi products can control and monitor matter over thread devices and vice versa, so as to achieve seamless interoperability.

The main features of iw612 include:

Tri band radio integration

  • -Wi Fi 6 can reduce network congestion, expand range, improve robustness and reduce power consumption
  • -Bluetooth W5 2 applicable to audio (A2DP, Le audio), voice and network debugging
  • -Bluetooth 802.15.4 is suitable for matter and thread mesh networks

Advanced coexistence supports internal and external multiple RF operations

Powerful security functions can prevent Internet of things attacks

Pre verified connection with NXP’s extensive microprocessor and microcontroller portfolio

Integrated RF front-end, including LNA, high-power PA and switch, to save system cost, reduce material cost and reduce occupied space

Product supply

Samples of this iw612 are now available and will be displayed in CES 2022.

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