Shanghai, China – September 1, 2021 – NXP semiconductors N.V., NASDAQ: nxpi and horizon officially signed a strategic cooperation agreement in Shanghai. Based on their technical advantages in their respective fields, the two sides will carry out joint R & D and in-depth cooperation around automotive intelligence. At the same time, the two sides will join hands with industrial chain partners to jointly develop pre integrated and mass production solutions for advanced assisted driving (ADAS) and high-level automatic driving, so as to accelerate the transformation process of vehicle intelligence.

The two sides signed a strategic cooperation contract

Dr. Li Tingwei, senior vice president of NXP global and President of Greater China (first from right above), Ms. Liu Fang, general manager of NXP Greater China Automotive Division (second from right), Dr. Yu Kai, founder and CEO of horizon (first from left), and Xu Jian, chief ecological officer of horizon (second from left), attended the signing ceremony.

NXP is the world’s leading supplier of automotive electronic solutions, providing comprehensive system level solutions for safe interconnected vehicles. NXP s32g high-performance processor platform takes the lead in integrating traditional MCU and high-performance MPU with asil-d level functional security on one chip in the world, significantly improving computing performance and reducing software complexity. At present, this s32g has been adopted by major OEMs in the world to accelerate the transformation to the electronic and electrical architecture of the whole vehicle based on domain controller.

Horizon is the leader of edge artificial intelligence platform. It has the world’s leading deep learning and decision reasoning algorithm development ability, locates tier-2, and provides comprehensive technical services in the field of intelligent driving, including high-efficiency automobile intelligent chip, software algorithm, tool chain, etc. Horizon’s high-performance automobile intelligent chip journey 3, launched in 2020, has achieved front loading and mass production in 2021. The newly released third-generation vehicle specification product journey 5 has both high performance and great computing power. A single chip AI computing power 128tops supports 16 channel camera sensing and computing, and can support the needs of multi-sensor fusion, prediction, planning and control required by vehicle intelligence.

Based on their advantageous products, the two sides focus on China’s intelligent vehicle market, focus on ADAS, automatic driving, on-board intelligent interaction and other cooperation scenarios, create higher performance and more complete solutions, and improve the coordination efficiency of the supply chain. The cooperation contents include: Based on horizon journey 3 vehicle AI chip and NXP s32g series high-performance control chip, the two sides jointly develop driving and parking integration solutions and automatic cruise assistance (NOA) solutions; Based on horizon journey 5 vehicle AI chip and NXP s32g series high-performance control chip, we jointly create a full scene vehicle intelligent solution.

Dr. Li Tingwei, chairman of NXP Greater China, said: “The transformation of the intelligent automobile industry is reshaping the industrial pattern, spawning more cooperation modes and bringing more value to customers through collaborative innovation. NXP is the world’s leading automotive chip supplier, with profound technology accumulation and industry insight; horizon is the leading AI chip company in China. I believe that the strong cooperation of the two enterprises will surely release great empowerment To create a successful new paradigm for industrial development and localization cooperation. “

Dr. Yu Kai, founder and CEO of horizon, said: “Smart car is an epic innovation comparable to the birth of computer. With the breakthrough of smart car technology and the implementation of large-scale industry, it has opened the prelude to an era of innovation. NXP and horizon are leading high-tech enterprises in their respective fields. Their advantages are highly complementary. This time, they establish strategic cooperation to jointly promote the scale of industry-leading intelligent driving solutions Mass production landing, hand in hand to realize our beautiful vision for the future of cars. “

At present, the development of intelligent automobile industry has entered the fast lane, and the field of automotive semiconductor chip is expected to usher in rapid development, with rapid iteration in performance, algorithm, commercialization and so on. The collaborative innovation and upgrading of the industrial chain will help car enterprises to realize “overtaking in corners” in the process of rapid transformation to automobile intelligence.

NXP and horizon have reached strategic cooperation with complementary advantages, which not only provides the industry with higher performance and faster mass production solutions and accelerates the mass production and listing progress of intelligent driving solutions, but also means that both sides have a common vision and work together with a wide range of industry partners to create an open and win-win intelligent vehicle ecology.

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