Shanghai, China – December 16, 2021 – NXP semiconductors N.V., NASDAQ: nxpi) announced today that the new s32g3 series expands the application range of s32g series, provides extensive scalability, applies to many fields from automotive microcontrollers to high-performance automotive computing applications, and provides software and pin compatibility.

new product

NXP semiconductor launched four s32g3 series devices to further expand the s32g automotive network processor series. The popular s32g2 series has been fully put into operation in the second quarter of 2021. These new devices provide software and pin compatibility. Their application processing performance, on-chip system memory and network are 2.5 times higher than those of s32g2 series devices with strong performance, so as to promote ECU integration and further support intelligent software to define vehicles. With the addition of s32g3 series, s32g series can now meet a wider range of automotive applications, from security microcontrollers to high-performance domain controllers, security processors and regional automotive computing applications.

Product importance

In the automotive field, the evolution of ECU integration and vehicle architecture towards domain and regional architecture is accelerating. More processing, memory, network bandwidth and resource isolation need to be integrated to support software defined vehicles. These intelligent connected vehicles need more advanced ADAS function security, safe real-time computing power and high-performance computing power to provide new vehicles supporting intelligent transportation and smart city, as well as data-driven cloud services.

more details

Compared with the most powerful device in the current s32g2 series (s32g274a), the s32g3 series can provide up to 2.5 times of high-performance computing power, Ethernet bandwidth (dual port) and on-chip system memory. In addition, it doubles the number of isolation domains, which is very important for ECU integration in the future. On the premise of using the same package pins, it can meet the requirements of more demanding software defined vehicles by greatly improving the performance. Evb3 evaluation board, rdb3 reference design and goldbox3 rugged shell version, supplemented by rich basic software and reference software scheme for fast gateway (goldvip), can shorten the customer evaluation, development, proof of concept and launch process.

Brian Carlson, global marketing director of NXP vehicle control and network solutions, said: “As the industry turns to more integrated software defined vehicles, there is an urgent need for better processing and memory performance. S32g2 series processors have been put into operation in April 2021 and achieved great success. On this basis, the new s32g3 series will greatly improve performance, expand its automotive application range and meet new market needs.”

Not just cars

Since s32g2 series devices entered the mass market, combined with security processing, network and information security technology, these devices have been widely used in various applications in automobile and adjacent transportation and industrial markets. S32g3 series can expand future market and application opportunities with better performance and functions; Through its software and pin compatibility, the product is upgraded.

S32g ecosystem support

The s32g device family is supported by a wide and growing ecosystem of partners. These ecosystems provide operating systems, virtualization, execution environment, application software, boards, software tools, engineering services, in-depth training and cloud services. Combined with NXP’s support tools, partners can help s32g customers accelerate product development.

S32g system solution

NXP helps customers design s32g system solutions through supporting products. Sja1110 multi Gigabit security automotive Ethernet switch complies with the latest TSN standard and provides integrated 100base-t1 PHY, hardware level security functions and multi Gigabit interfaces. In order to ensure that the power management architecture and security concept are extended from s32g2 to s32g3, NXP has developed pf53 as the supporting chip of vr5510. Pf53 is a high-performance 12a core power regulator with adaptive voltage location (AVP) function. NXP also provides various on-board network transceivers with can high-speed signal integrity and safety innovation functions. NXP s32g processor, sja1110 switch and transceiver series based on vr5510 / pf53 power management unit are designed to solve the great challenges faced by the current automotive network, including scalability, security and high-speed traffic engineering design.

Supply time

At present, the first device s32g399a of this series has provided samples to early-stage customers, and mass production is planned in the first quarter of 2023.

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