There are more AI startups in the medical industry than in any other industry. The number of AI start-ups in the media and entertainment industry is basically the same as that in the retail industry. More than one tenth of all AI startups are located in California.

NVIDIA inception is an acceleration platform provided by NVIDIA for AI start-ups. At present, it has more than 8500 members. Pitchbook estimates that this has accounted for about two-thirds of the total number of global AI start-ups. As one of the world’s largest AI start-up ecosystem, NVIDIA start-up acceleration program has members in 90 countries and a total investment of more than $60 billion.

The scale of NVIDIA’s startup acceleration plan is so large that it is not only a single plan, but an epitome of the whole startup pattern. On this basis, we can infer a lot of industry information.

Data from more than 8500 startups

According to NVIDIA’s start-up acceleration plan, the United States is a world leader in the number of AI start-ups (accounting for nearly 27%) and the amount of funds obtained (with a cumulative capital of more than $27 billion).

42% of American start-ups are located in California, which means that more than one tenth of the world’s AI start-ups are located in California, of which 29% are located in the San Francisco Bay area, indicating the region’s continued attraction to start-up founders and venture capital.

In terms of capital and company stage, China ranks second after the United States. At present, 12% of NVIDIA’s start-up acceleration program members are located in China. India ranked third with 7% and Britain ranked fourth with 6%.

Overall, AI start-ups in the United States, China, India and the United Kingdom account for more than half of NVIDIA’s start-up acceleration program members. After the above four countries are Germany, Russia, France, Sweden, the Netherlands, South Korea and Japan.

In terms of industry, the top five industries in NVIDIA’s startup acceleration plan are medical treatment, it services, intelligent video analysis (IVA), media and entertainment (M & E) and robotics. AI start-ups in the medical field account for 16% of the members of the program, followed by IT services, accounting for 15%. AI startups in the field of intelligent video analysis account for 8%, and AI startups in the fields of media and entertainment and robotics account for 7% respectively.

Details of more than 3000 start-ups since 2020

Since 2020, more than 3000 AI startups have joined NVIDIA’s startup acceleration program. Similar to the overall data, AI start-ups from the United States account for the largest proportion (27%), followed by China (12%), India (6%) and the United Kingdom (6%).

In addition, the start-ups joined since 2020 are also concentrated in the top five industries, but the order is slightly different. It services (17%) ranked first, followed by medical (16%), media and entertainment (9%), intelligent video analysis (8%) and robots (5%).

In the top two industries – medical and it services, if AI start-ups joined since 2020 are further subdivided, it can be found that the dominant market segment in IT services is computer vision (27%), followed by prediction analysis (9%). In the medical industry, the leading market segments are medical analysis (38%) and medical imaging (36%), but the fastest growing industries are pharmaceutical and AI Biology (15%).

Mainly affected by the epidemic, virtual and augmented reality start-ups are growing much faster than any other segment in the media and entertainment industry. These startups join NVIDIA’s startup acceleration program with a common vision of building a “meta universe” ecosystem.

Leading change through start-ups

Since its launch in 2016, NVIDIA’s startup acceleration program members have increased more than 10 times, and this growth rate is accelerating year by year. The number of members increased by 26% in 2020 and reached 17% in the first half of 2021.

NVIDIA’s startup acceleration program aims to attract startups at different stages of development in accelerated computing. All benefits of the plan are provided free of charge. Unlike other start-up acceleration or incubation programs, startups do not have to give up equity to join the program.

Startups are the best perspective to understand the future development trend of modern AI. Join us today by applying for the NVIDIA startup acceleration program.

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