NVIDIA and apple have been in a bad relationship for more than a decade. Now the last relationship between them is broken.

NVIDIA today released the updated planning instructions for CUDA parallel computing development platform, which specifically mentioned that CUDA 10.2 (including toolkits and drivers) will be the last version to support the development of Apple Mac OS system and run CUDA program, and CUDA will have nothing to do with apple platform in the future.

NVIDIA said that in the future, CUDA will terminate the cooperation relationship between the two parties unrelated to Apple platform

More than ten years ago, a batch of Apple MacBook Pro notebooks using NVIDIA GPU graphics cards were defective. Both parties compensated customers a large amount of money for this and made a lot of trouble. Since then, Apple has only used amd graphics cards for notebooks and desktops.

Even if NVIDIA video card is more popular, better performance and more advanced technology, Apple has never considered it. For example, now NVIDIA supports hardware to accelerate ray tracing, amd has to wait a while, and Apple will never waver.

Of course, AMD is also trying to serve apple, providing a variety of customized products, such as the latest Rx 5500m mobile graphics card which was launched by Apple’s 16 inch MacBook Pro.

In fact, apple quietly stopped supporting NVIDIA CUDA in last year’s Mac OS 10.14 mobile version, forcing Adobe creative package and other software supporting CUDA hardware acceleration to remind users not to turn on this function.

Now that apple is out of touch, NVIDIA doesn’t need to continue, and it’s not surprising to end CUDA’s support for apple.

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