UK company uses NVIDIA CloudXR to help businesses deliver lifelike virtual products and engaging XR experiences to any VR device.

Manufacturers are bringing product designs to life in a new immersive world.

British company Rendermedia specializes in immersive solutions for commercial and industrial enterprises. The company provides customers with lifelike virtual reality, augmented reality and extended reality (collectively XR) tools and applications for product design, training and collaboration.

With NVIDIA RTX graphics cards and NVIDIA CloudXR, Rendermedia helps businesses get their products into the hands of customers and audiences, enabling them to interact and collaborate anywhere, on any device.

Expand the XR space with CloudXR

Previously, Rendermedia could only show customers realistic product effects through CG rendering movies, which were often time-consuming to produce and consumers could not dynamically interact with the product.

With NVIDIA CloudXR, Rendermedia and its customers in the product manufacturing industry can quickly render and create fully interactive simulations while reducing time-to-market.

This can be achieved simply by converting the computer-aided design (CAD) of the original product into a realistic digital twin of the product. The digital twin can be used by the entire enterprise organization, whether it is sales, marketing, or health, safety and other teams.

Rendermedia can also use CloudXR to enable organizations to design, market, sell and train products globally in different languages.

Mark Miles, founder of Rendermedia, said: “The expanding range of 3D data and various devices enable us to interact with products and environments at a large scale, and ultimately drive the need for complex and advanced products and environments within enterprise organizations.

Rendermedia clients Airbus and the UK’s National Grid are using VR experiences to showcase future products and designs in real-world scenarios.

Airbus, a global designer, manufacturer and marketer of aerospace products, has delivered more than 35 virtual experiences with the help of Rendermedia. Most recently, Rendermedia helped Airbus realize its vision by creating a VR experience that allows users to experience the company’s latest products in full context at scale.

National Grid is a United Kingdom-based electricity and gas utility company. With the help of Rendermedia, the company provided virtual training to employees using a realistic digital twin of the actual production site.

Leveraging the power of NVIDIA CloudXR and RTX technologies, product manufacturers can use Rendermedia’s platform to visualize designs and 3D models, making them more realistic. And they can easily make real-time modifications to the design, helping users to iterate more frequently, resulting in a final product design faster. CloudXR is not only cost-effective, but also provides a common standard of training for every learner.

“By combining CloudXR with RTX, our customers can virtualize any part of their business and allow access at scale from any device,” said Miles. “This is especially important for training because the platforms and device configurations everyone uses It can be very different. CloudXR enables any training content to be presented at the same level of detail, so content doesn’t have to be retuned for different devices.”

With NVIDIA CloudXR, Rendermedia can further advance photorealistic graphics in immersive environments, easily serving different devices and audiences.

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