BEIJING – August 29, 2022 –NVIDIA and Ampere Computing today announced the AICAN server platform. The platform enables streaming of mobile games located in cloud data centers directly to end users, eliminating the need for users to download.

AICAN server platform (Android-in-Cloud-with-Ampere-and-NVIDIA) is jointly built by Ampere Computing and NVIDIA, it uses Ampere® Altra® cloud native processor and NVIDIA®GPU that runs Arm-compatible mobile games natively without modification or emulation. The platform features a dual-socket Ampere Altra Max CPU with an industry-leading 256 cores and can be configured with up to 4 NVIDIA A16 or 6 NVIDIA T4 GPUs supporting up to 160 concurrent users (CCUs) per server.

“Mobile gaming is the largest and fastest-growing gaming market, with thousands of games optimized for the Arm instruction set,” said Jeff Fisher, senior vice president of GeForce at NVIDIA. “The AICAN platform is designed to run mobile games natively for optimal compatibility. , performance, cost and user experience to drive the growth of the cloud streaming mobile game market.”

NVIDIA’s cloud gaming stack delivers the highest density and quality of service. Optimized for low-latency end-to-end rendering, encoding, and streaming, the stack brings the latest gaming advancements to the Android platform. The company also has a dedicated engineering and quality assurance team that enables partners to easily and quickly integrate and meet the needs of all the latest games. NVIDIA ConnectX®SmartNIC or BlueField®DPU network solutions complete the platform with smooth streaming and high quality of service.

“With Ampere Altra Max’s leading core density, a single rack AICAN server can stream to approximately 2,500+ mobile users simultaneously,” said Jeff Wittich, chief product officer at Ampere Computing. “Not only does this make it easier for consumers to stream premium quality from the cloud Mobile gaming also offers service providers very competitive infrastructure costs for the first time.”

Figure 1: AICAN Platform Architecture

Ampere Computing and NVIDIA work together to certify and support the AICAN platform, enabling cloud service providers and game developers to easily build and operate large-scale game streaming services. Several leading OEM server manufacturers such as Inspur and Huaqin are building AICAN server platforms.

Figure 2: Inspur AICAN server

Zhao Shuai, General Manager of Inspur Server Department, said: “Inspur has worked closely with Ampere and NVIDIA to design the Aoqin AICAN server with two Ampere Altra Max CPUs, up to four NVIDIA A16 GPUs and two NVIDIA SmartNICs built in, but the chassis size is only 2U. size. We are excited to work with Ampere and NVIDIA to help customers market mobile game streaming solutions.”

Figure 3: Huaqin AICAN Server

Huaqin’s AICAN server is compatible with two generations of CPUs, Ampere Altra and Altra Max, in a 2U space, and cooperates with NVIDIA to take the lead in adapting T4 GPU to improve customer revenue. As one of the first AICAN server manufacturers in China, Huaqin, NVIDIA and many customers Work together to explore Yunyou solutions. In the future, Huaqin will continue to work closely with NVIDIA to jointly contribute to the development of the global cloud gaming market.

Figure 4: Screenshot of Tencent Pioneer Cloud Game APP Homepage

There is a growing global focus on mobile game streaming. The services provided by Tencent Pioneer Cloud Games are attracting more and more gamers to Tencent. Fang Liang, head of Tencent Pioneer Cloud Games, said: “With the support of Ampere Computing and NVIDIA, Tencent Pioneer Cloud Games will reach new heights.”

Figure 5: Tencent Pioneer Cloud Game Brand Poster

Fang Liang, head of Tencent Pioneer Cloud Games, also said: “Now, by running cloud games on Ampere Computing and NVIDIA’s Arm server platform, we have reduced the storage space of many Tencent boutique games from 3-10G to about 20M, so users can use The ability to play premium games on phones with limited storage allows us to reach and reach a wider audience and drive incremental revenue.”

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