Nubian z20 has really made a big move. The design of the new machine completely subverts people’s impression of mobile phones. The fuselage not only adopts the double screen design, but also the first double screen machine in Nubia. The hyperboloid flexible screen brings a stronger visual impact.

The use of double-sided screen will be more convenient than single-sided screen, which has attracted the attention of many game lovers. The fuselage design of Nubian z20 is very vitality. Nubian z20 adopts a 6.42-inch Full HD AMOLED screen design, and the integrated hyperboloid screen design with symmetrical front and rear of the fuselage makes the fuselage run like clouds and water, full of a sense of modern science and technology.

Nubia releases new machine with hyperbolic flexible touch screen

The screen at the rear of Nubian z20 fuselage has brought a great visual impact, and its use effect is not small. The unique dual screen design lights up at the same time when taking photos. It is very convenient to adjust and preview the entry shape from time to time when taking photos, whether it is her help or selfie. The dual color temperature flash and the three shot AI portrait beauty can easily take a large feeling.

Nubia thinks more for users. The photography function of Nubia z20 is not careless, so that people can shoot and use it as much as they like. Nubian z20 has an AI three camera lens design and adopts a 48 million pixel ultra-high definition OIS optical anti shake main camera, so that the details of each picture can be presented more delicately during shooting. Even if it is developed in the later stage, it is still amazing.

Nubia releases new machine with hyperbolic flexible touch screen

For the love of mobile games, however, many people have strengthened their choice of mobile phone processor. Nubia has also made more advanced configuration in terms of and. A combination of Xiaolong 855plus + up to 512gb of large memory is placed inside the lightweight fuselage, so that the mobile phone can easily achieve the performance of e-games, respond more quickly during games, and make the mobile game control faster, It’s worth starting with such a full-performance mobile phone.

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